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American Airlines has reportedly ‘fired’ law firm that blamed 9-year-old girl for being secretly filmed – The Mercury News


The law firm hired by American Airlines that blamed a 9-year-old girl for being secretly filmed while using a plane bathroom has been “fired,” according to the attorneys for the child’s family.

The airline, facing lawsuits after a flight attendant allegedly recorded girls in airplane bathrooms, in a recent defense filing had argued the young girl should have known the toilet contained a recording device.

That bombshell court filing from the law firm Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker LLP led to “intense media and public backlash,” as American Airlines claimed that the airline’s lawyers made “an error.”

That outside legal counsel has reportedly now been replaced. The law firm Kelly Hart & Hallman, LLP has been asked by American Airlines to represent them in the lawsuit.

“As a result of the intense media and public backlash surrounding the outrageous allegation, we are not surprised to learn that American Airlines fired its law firm,” said attorney Paul Llewellyn, a partner at Lewis & Llewellyn LLP, which is representing the girl’s family.

“With the benefit of this new legal representation, we hope that American Airlines will now take a fresh look at the case and finally take some measure of responsibility for what happened to our client,” Llewellyn added. “Otherwise, we are very confident that a Texas jury will do the right thing and hold American Airlines responsible.”

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