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All Stars 5 could feature return of OG cast member and former champ


tj lavin face shot from the challenge world championship
TJ Lavin as host of The Challenge: World Championship spin-off. Pic credit: Paramount+

While The Challenge: All Stars 4 has yet to finish airing its episodes, there’s already pre-departure speculation for Season 5.

That includes who will appear in the cast of a revamped version of the spin-off that initially featured MTV OGs from Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat.

Things changed slightly with Season 4, as Kam Williams became the first former Are You The One? cast member to appear on All-Stars.

However, All Stars 5 could feature cast members from other networks besides MTV, including CBS shows like Big Brother and Survivor.

Based on early spoilers for the potential cast, viewers could see two individuals return to the spin-off version of The Challenge after skipping the recent season of MTV’s show.

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One of them is still vying for that first-ever win on the competition show, despite multiple attempts at the final, while the other captured a win as a rookie.

MTV OG and former champ could return for All Stars 5

Two cast members who skipped appearing on the epic Season 40 of MTV’s The Challenge could return to the competition for All Stars 5.

Current speculation at a popular online forum thread lists The Real World: Las Vegas star Nany Gonzalez among the show’s potential cast members. In addition, the spoilers reveal Big Brother star and The Challenge: Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra on the list.

Both individuals appeared on MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Nany and her teammate Johnny Bananas navigated the game and its complexities to reach the season’s final. However, they were runner-ups to the show winners, Devin Walker and Tori Deal.

Since then, Nany has focused on her life with Kaycee Clark, whom she met on The Challenge: Total Madness and developed a romantic relationship with. The Challenge castmates got engaged last year and plan to have a child.

Interestingly, previous rumors included Nany as one of four Challengers uninterested in returning to any version of the show.

Amber won Double Agents alongside multi-time champion Chris “CT” Tamburello. In Ride or Dies, she teamed up with her boyfriend, Chancey Palmer, but they got eliminated ahead of the final. She returned on The Challenge: World Championship spin-off and had to exit the game early due to not feeling well.

Later, she learned she was pregnant with her and Chauncey’s first child. Amber has since had their baby, daughter Sunny Fox. The new mom might take a break to film The Challenge’s shorter spin-off, much like new parents Leroy Garrett and Kam took a break for All Stars 4.

As mentioned, neither Kaycee nor Nany appeared in Season 40’s cast, which featured individuals from the various “eras” of The Challenge’s 39 seasons. Kaycee was part of the 40-person cast and appeared in the newest group of cast members, Era Four.

Viewers saw Amber’s significant other, Chauncey, return for MTV’s Season 39 (aka Battle For a New Champion).

Who else might appear in The Challenge spin-off?

As of this report, names of potential male cast members include All Stars 4’s Jay “Gotti” Mitchell and Leroy. Additional male cast members include Big Brother’s Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, Survivor’s Jay Starrett, and 12 Dates of Christmas’ Corey Lay.

The online spoilers include seven women as speculative All Stars 5 cast members. Along with Amber and Nany are MTV OGs Aneesa Ferreira and Jonna Mannion, and newer MTV stars Moriah Jadea, Melissa Reeves, and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley.

Of the individuals currently listed as potential All Stars 5 cast members, only Jonna has won the spin-off show, doing so twice. Amber is the only winner from MTV’s The Challenge currently among the speculative names.

Based on the Vevmo forum and social media updates, the cast departs for Vietnam on Saturday, May 25, where filming will occur. According to @GamerVev’s tweet, it won’t be the same house as production used for MTV’s Season 40.

Once the cast departs, spoilers will start to bring more details about who could be a main cast member or alternate for The Challenge: All Stars 5.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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