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Survivor 46 winner revealed: Who won in Fiji?


Jeff Probst on the red carpet
Survivor host Jeff Probst helped reveal the Season 46 winner. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/F. Sadou/AdMedia

That’s a wrap. Survivor Season 46 concluded on Wednesday night.

It was an epic season for the new castaways as 18 people competed for a $1 million prize.

There were no returning castaways this season, and there might be any for a while.

Maria Gonzalez, Kenzie Petty, Ben Katzman, Charlie Davis, and Liz Wilcox made it to the final five.

Maria became the target after she sided with Q Burdette to get Charlie out. But the other four players went against Q and left Maria on an island.

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Who would emerge as the winner from that group and get the jury’s support? Let’s take a look.

Who won Survivor 46?

Maria was eliminated at the final Tribal Council after Kenzie won the Immunity Challenge.

Ben won the final Immunity Challenge and took Charlie to the end.

Kenzie beat Liz in the Fire-Making Challenge to take that open spot in the final three.

The eight-person jury (Soda Thompson, Tevin Davis, Hunter McKnight, Tiffany Nicole Ervin, Venus Vafa, Q Burdette, Maria Gonzalez, and Liz Wilcox) voted on the winner.

After stating their cases, the final three handed their fates to the Survivor 46 jury. Who would emerge as the winner?

The camera also picked up Tevin ahead of the vote as he whispered to another juror that he still hadn’t decided who to vote for.

Jeff Probst read the votes as Charlie, Kenzie, Charlie, Kenzie, Charlie, Kenzie, Kenzie, and Kenzie.

Kenzie Petty won Survivor 46 (on a 5-3 vote). Charlie Davis finished as the runner-up. Ben Katzman finished in third place.

More news and notes from Survivor

Kenzie Petty revealed that she is pregnant. The great news is that she is expecting a baby with her husband.

Venus Vafa started a feud with a building while visiting New York City. It was a funny event for the Survivor 46 alum.

Host Jeff Probst has also teased Survivor 50, and fans are excited about what that could mean. Here’s when viewers should expect Survivor 50.

But first, new seasons of Survivor have to be filmed in Fiji. CBS has announced that Survivor 47 and Survivor 48 will air during the 2024-2025 television season.

Jeff has been asked for people to apply, with new players expected for those upcoming seasons. Jeff also said the New Era is more difficult than Old School Survivor.

Previous seasons of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+. That includes all 13 episodes from Survivor 46.

Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

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