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SF Giants’ comeback kids spark hope vs. Pirates


Who needs a drink?

The Giants’ series win over the Pittsburgh Pirates was unquestionably the wildest three-game set this team has played all season and is well in the running ot the most ridiculous over the last few seasons.

A massive choke job followed by two absurd comebacks — it’s enough to give you whiplash.

But a series win is a series win, and the Giants are in no position to worry about style points.

Let’s go over what’s clicking and what’s rattling with the Giants:

Up: The Kiddos

Last week, I said that the Giants’ downright absurd string of injuries could end up being the best thing for the team. Ready or not, the youth movement for the Giants’ roster was coming.

It’s far, far, far too early to take any sort of a victory lap on that take, but we can all see that the early returns have been positive.

Collectively, the under-25 contingent of the Giants’ roster — Luis Matos, Heliot Ramos, Marco Luciano, Brett Wisely, and Patrick Bailey are hitting .341 with 20 (!!!) RBI over the Giants’ last six games.

I can’t tell you if it is sustainable. Baseball is a cruel and fickle game.

But what we have seen is a team that has a spirit to it and a lineup that feels threatening, even if it will probably never be elite.

That’s a massive upgrade.

And as long as it continues, there’s reason to have some hope not just about the 2024 Giants making something of this season, but the organization in years to come, as well.

Down: The Giants are, umm, out of pitchers

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