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Season 46, Episode 13, Friends Going To War


Jeff Probst Survivor Host
Jeff Probst hosted the Survivor 46 season finale. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 46 season finale covered what happened with the final five castaways.

Before this episode, Q Burdette got blindsided shortly after finding a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Q miscalculated his spot and tried to save his Immunity Idol for another day.

Maria Gonzalez and Q had targeted Charlie Davis, but Charlie planned with Liz Wilcox, Ben Katzman, and Kenzie Petty to get rid of Q for good.

The final five were Maria, Charlie, Kenzie, Liz, and Ben as the new episode began, but they would need to work it down to a final three before meeting the Survivor 46 jury.

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Who became the Survivor 46 winner? Read the full recap below to find out.

Survivor 46, Episode 13 recap

The final five returned to camp after the Q Burdette vote. Maria realized she was in a tough spot, and blamed everyone else for her turning on Charlie.

Charlie celebrated making the final five, while Liz celebrated getting rid of Q. Charlie took it well because he had planned to go after Maria if she hadn’t won Immunity.

Survivor Finale Night
The Survivor 46 final five. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The final five Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst welcomed the group by saying nobody would have predicted this final five. Maria then predicted she would win that Immunity Challenge.

An intense obstacle course awaited the final five as they also had to work through a series of puzzles

Reward was also on the line. The winner would head to the Sanctuary for pasta, Caesar salad, garlic bread, desserts, and wine.

Kenzie and Maria got their puzzle done first but were confused about the next steps. The puzzle revealed clues for a combination needed on a lock box.

Liz saw Kenzie struggling and worked with her to ensure that Kenzie won. Kenzie beat Maria because of Liz, showing that Maria was the clear target for elimination.

Kenzie picked Ben to go with her for the pasta reward. They enjoyed a nice feast together.

Which players are still aligned?

Maria put out Ben’s name as the person who should be targeted. She used the time he voted for Kenzie (and claimed it was an accident) as a reason he couldn’t be trusted. Maria pushed the story that Ben made that vote on purpose and was part of an overall strategy.

Kenzie saw Maria’s arguments as confirmation that she was a threat to become the Survivor 46 winner. But Maria continued to work on Charlie and Liz as possible votes against Ben. It set up an interesting Tribal Council.

A Tribal Council for the final five

Jeff read the votes as Ben, Maria, Maria, and Maria.

Maria Gonzales became the 14th person voted out and the latest jury member.

Charlie, Liz, Ben, and Kenzie made the final four.

The final Immunity Challenge for Survivor 46

A new challenge was introduced for the final Immunity Necklace. The castaways had to complete a puzzle, but it came with a twist. The players had to roll a ball up a ramp and onto a pinball course. While the ball was coming down, they could work on their puzzle. But they had to catch the ball before it hit the metal track or they would have to wait around.

There was a lot of strategy in how the castaways did their puzzles and the challenge was a fresh addition to the show.

Ben and Kenzie raced out ahead of the other two. It was Ben who finished the puzzle first.

Ben guaranteed himself a spot in the final three and had important decisions to make.

The winner of the final Immunity Challenge gets to pick who competes in the Survivor Fire-Making Challenge.

Time to make Survivor fire

Ben had Liz and Kenzie play the Fire-Making Challenge. Charlie was given the open spot in the final three with Ben.

Kenzie beat Liz in the challenge, netting herself a spot in the final three.

Ben, Charlie, and Kenzie then had to convince the Survivor 46 jury that they deserved to win.

But first, the trio enjoyed making it to the end in Fiji. That included a morning feast (the next day) ahead of having to face the jury.

The Survivor 46 winner is revealed in Fiji

Soda Thompson, Tevin Davis, Hunter McKnight, Tiffany Nicole Ervin, Venus Vafa, Q Burdette, Maria Gonzalez, and Liz Wilcox would vote for the winner.

The jurors each got to ask questions, but it turned into The Q Show, where he began inserting himself into each answer and each question.

Tevin had difficulties picking who to vote for and even said he wasn’t ready when Jeff asked them to vote.

Jeff read off the votes and it was split between Charlie and Kenzie.

By a 5-3 vote, Kenzie Petty won Survivor 46.

That’s it for Survivor 46, but there has been some big news back home.

Kenzie Petty revealed that she is pregnant. She is expecting a baby with her husband.

And Jeff Probst stated that the New Era is “more difficult” than the Old School seasons of Survivor. Not every fan agrees.

Previous seasons of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

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