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Letters: Housing rules | Health care access


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Housing rules justifiably
frustrate California cities

Re: “Area leaders frustrated with housing rules” (Page A1, May 22).

The East Bay Times’ May 22 article provided little clarity as to why cities were frustrated with the state housing process.

It didn’t say that many cities are required to make three or more submittals to gain approval, or it’s rare to see a submittal not meet the numerical housing target but common to hear the city “needs to do more” to meet state housing regulations without any clarity for what “more” need be done.

The article didn’t say that requirements continued to evolve as the Legislature passed more housing regulations in the last few years than in the last several decades combined, or that review letters remind cities of the need to get public input while simultaneously requiring them to ignore public input to comply with one-size-fits-all state guidelines for housing. And it didn’t say the state housing authority has unchallengeable authority on plan approval with no appeal process.

Cities and residents are justifiably frustrated.

Bruce Irion
Pleasant Hill

Bay Area should lead
in health care access

It is imperative that as a community we remain vigilant in our fight for inclusivity as health care bans nationally threaten marginalized communities’ access to vital services. I witness firsthand the urgency of dismantling barriers such as lack of financial resources and access to experienced mental health providers.

Initiatives like the Stand with Trans Therapy Assistance Program provide essential mental health support. Pride month, approaching in June, serves as a stark reminder of our ongoing battle for LGBTQ+ rights. Mental Health Awareness Month in May underscores the intersectionality of these struggles.

Together, we must amplify transgender and nonbinary voices and demand action from policymakers. Collaboration within our communities, especially during Pride celebrations, showcases our collective strength in adversity.

The Bay Area must continue to lead by example, championing diversity and ensuring all individuals receive equitable care. Let us stand united in our commitment to inclusivity and equality.

Anthony Martinez

Gas is weighing down
the state’s economy

Re: “State’s lagging economy hurts efforts to close budget deficit” (Page A6, May 21).

Dan Waters states all the reasons the state economy is lagging behind the rest of the country except the biggest one: gas prices.

I was recently in Mississippi where gas averages around $3 a gallon. When was the last time we saw $3 per gallon? Is anything ever going to be done about this?

DiAnn Hillerman

Elect Democrats so
Biden can finish job

Re: “In Philadelphia, Biden faces wariness from Black voters” (Page A4, May 19).

It was disappointing to see Sunday’s newspaper articles touting Donald Trump’s triumphs juxtaposed with Joe Biden’s failing popularity among Black voters. How quickly media outlets forget the challenges this country faces every time Republicans are elected, only to be reminded four years later when voters put the adults back in charge and elect Democrats.

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