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Everyone’s Pumped About Heat Pumps


Lauren Goode: Yeah. You recommended a podcast episode with her too.

Michael Calore: I did, yeah.

Lauren Goode: Was it the Fresh Air one?

Michael Calore: Yeah. To you. Yeah. Yeah, because you were like, “Who is Kathleen Hannah?” I’m like, “Oh, you got to check her out.” So yeah, I think she was on another podcast last week. Anyway, the book is brand-new. You can get it as an ebook or an audiobook. She reads it, and if you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, I think you can listen to it as part of your subscription, so I would recommend doing that. That’s how I’m enjoying it, in her voice.

Matt Simon: I think I saw that at Green Apple actually.

Michael Calore: Yeah.

Matt Simon: San Francisco local people might be able to find it there.

Michael Calore: Yes.

Matt Simon: You should be there. Anyway. It’s a great bookstore.

Lauren Goode: Oh yeah. We just walked by it the other day.

Michael Calore: Yeah, it’s the best. One of the best in the world.

Lauren Goode: You had a great story about the book that you let go.

Michael Calore: Oh, yeah.

Lauren Goode: And it came back to you.

Michael Calore: Yeah. Between the Clock and the Bed?

Lauren Goode: That’s right.

Michael Calore: Edvard Munch. Yeah. That’s a boring story though.

Lauren Goode: I enjoyed it.

Michael Calore: Glad you did.

Lauren Goode: Yeah.

Michael Calore: What is your recommendation?

Lauren Goode: My recommendation, I just came up with this, because I came into the studio today without one prepared. Staycations.

Michael Calore: Say more.

Matt Simon: You mean as a concept or as a piece of media?

Lauren Goode: Oh, as a concept. Is there a piece of media called Staycations?

Matt Simon: I don’t know.

Lauren Goode: Is that like a magazine? We should start one.

Matt Simon: Yeah.

Lauren Goode: I like that idea. It’s a great time in media to be starting magazines. Staycation, so I have a good friend who has been loaning me access to her home office, and it’s great because it is not far from where I live, but sometimes on weekends I go there and it’s a different perspective. It’s a different place. I’m not thinking about laundry or cleaning or to-do’s or whatever I have to order from Amazon.com or whatever it is. I’m away, but I’m not far, and I really appreciate that. It’s been really head clearing. I’m also working on a book, so it’s helpful for that. I mean, that’s the primary thing.

But then also in the past couple months, I’ve had the opportunity to stay just north of here, like 30 minutes, and so I’m away, but I’m not away away, and it’s great. It’s just, get away for a staycation if you can. If you have the means, if you have friends who are saying, “Hey, I need someone to pet sit,” or “Do you want to take over my house for a weekend?” Or something like that. Just do it. Stay local, but just get a totally different perspective on where you live, your neighborhood, the people around you, try new restaurants, new venues, just yeah, do a staycation if you can.

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