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YouTuber Stunned By Unexpected Reference –


MeatCanyon reacts on Twitter to being referenced in The Simpsons, as Bart’s Brain refers to him in a recent episode.

The Simpsons, known for its uncanny ability to reference and satirize contemporary culture, has recently given a nod to American YouTuber MeatCanyon in its episode titled “Bart’s Brain.” This episode marks the eighteenth and final installment of the show’s thirty-fifth season, making it the 768th episode in the series’ extensive history. The reference has left MeatCanyon, whose real name is Hunter August Hancock, in disbelief and delight, as fans quickly spread the word on social media.

In “Bart’s Brain,” Bart Simpson engages in his usual shenanigans by selling his grandfather’s army memorabilia for store credit, which he uses to purchase a jar containing a brain. Naming the brain “Buddy,” Bart becomes attached to it and brings it to school for a project. His fondness for Buddy becomes evident when his teacher tries to confiscate it. Defending his new companion, Bart exclaims: “Buddy hates science, he’s like me. He’s into MeatCanyon videos and doing wrestling moves on the dog and pouring Red Bull on pancakes.”

This mention of MeatCanyon, known for his darkly humorous and often unsettling animated parodies of popular characters, is a significant nod from the long-running series that has historically referenced numerous celebrities and cultural phenomena.

Upon learning about the reference, MeatCanyon took to Twitter, expressing his disbelief and excitement. On May 20, 2024, a user on X (formerly known as Twitter) shared a screenshot from the episode, tagging the YouTuber and highlighting Bart’s mention of his videos. MeatCanyon responded to the thread with astonishment, tweeting: “No shot this is real.”

Following this, he asked his followers if anyone had a clip of the episode featuring the reference. His dedicated fanbase quickly obliged, sharing screenshots and snippets, further congratulating him on the unexpected shoutout from such an iconic show. Overwhelmed with the support and the reference itself, MeatCanyon later tweeted: “Man, this is so sick. Nothing but smiles.”

Hunter August Hancock, known online as MeatCanyon, has built a substantial following with his unique and often disturbing parody animations. His channel, which boasts over 7.29 million subscribers, features a variety of content that transforms beloved cartoon characters into grotesque and satirical versions of themselves. This style has earned him both acclaim and criticism, making him a polarizing yet influential figure in the animation community.

For MeatCanyon, being mentioned on The Simpsons is a significant milestone. The show, which has been a cultural touchstone for over three decades, is known for its sharp commentary and relevance to current trends and personalities. A reference on The Simpsons often signifies a level of cultural impact and recognition that few achieve.



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