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NYPD Arrests Viral Street Racer ‘Squeez Benz’ After May 2024 Hit-and-Run With Kick Streamer N3on –


On May 21, 2024, the New York Police Department’s Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Kaz Daughtry, announced the arrest of Squeez Benz, a well-known figure in the street racing community. The arrest came after a reckless hit-and-run incident involving Kick streamer N3on. During a live stream, Benz, with N3on in the passenger seat, sped through the streets of New York, ultimately crashing into a van. Despite an agreement to drive only ten miles over the speed limit, Benz disregarded this and fled the scene after the collision, leaving N3on to face the aftermath alone.

Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry took to social media to share the news, emphasizing the NYPD’s commitment to curbing dangerous street racing. In his post, Daughtry labeled Benz as “one of the most prolific street racers in NYC,” underscoring that the city streets are not a playground for such reckless behavior. He warned that anyone engaging in similar activities would face severe consequences, including arrest and vehicle seizure.

Squeez Benz, whose real name is Antonio Ginestri, was arrested following a detailed investigation. On April 11, after eluding Newark police in a Black BMW, investigators turned to his social media profiles, where they found incriminating evidence of the incident. The arrest marks a significant step in law enforcement’s efforts to track down and hold accountable those who endanger public safety through street racing.

Antonio Ginestri, better known as Squeez Benz, rose to fame through his daring and dangerous street racing videos. Always donning a helmet to conceal his identity, Benz became an internet sensation, amassing over 703,000 followers on Instagram and 300,000 on YouTube. His content often featured high-speed chases, near-miss collisions, and a blatant disregard for traffic laws, captivating a large audience but also drawing significant criticism.

For N3on, the incident was more than just a shocking event; it had real consequences. The popular streamer, who was broadcasting live during the hit-and-run, faced a brief suspension on Kick. This incident not only disrupted his streaming activities but also highlighted the risks influencers take when engaging in high-adrenaline stunts for content.

The public reaction to Benz’s arrest has been mixed. While many fans have rallied behind the hashtag #FreeBenz, urging his release, others have expressed relief that such reckless behavior is being addressed. The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the responsibilities of influencers and the potential dangers of glorifying dangerous activities online.

Squeez Benz faces multiple charges, including eluding police and involvement in a hit-and-run. These charges carry significant penalties, and as he awaits sentencing, the case serves as a stark reminder of the legal consequences of street racing. The severity of the charges reflects the serious nature of his actions and the potential harm they pose to public safety.

Social media played a crucial role in Benz’s capture. His online presence, filled with videos and posts showcasing his street racing exploits, provided law enforcement with valuable evidence. This incident underscores the power of digital footprints and how social media can be both a tool for fame and a means of accountability.

The incident has prompted responses from live streaming platforms like Kick. Influencers such as Adin Ross have called for stricter regulations to prevent dangerous driving during live streams. This call to action aims to create a safer environment for both content creators and their audiences, emphasizing the need for responsible streaming practices.

Street racing in NYC is not a new phenomenon, but the rise of social media has amplified its visibility. The culture thrives on the thrill and danger associated with high-speed driving, often romanticized in popular media. However, the real-world risks and legal consequences are far from glamorous, as demonstrated by Benz’s arrest.

The NYPD has made it clear that street racing will not be tolerated. Deputy Commissioner Daughtry’s statement is a strong message to all street racers: reckless behavior on public roads will lead to severe consequences. Law enforcement is committed to protecting public safety and ensuring that the streets of New York are safe for all.

The arrest of Squeez Benz has broader implications for influencer culture. It raises questions about the ethics and responsibilities of content creators who engage in dangerous stunts. As audiences demand more thrilling and extreme content, influencers must navigate the fine line between entertainment and endangerment.

Before his arrest, Benz enjoyed significant popularity, with a substantial following on Instagram and YouTube. His content, characterized by high-risk driving and adrenaline-fueled chases, appealed to a specific audience. However, his arrest has shifted public perception, with many questioning the morality of his actions and the influence he wields.

The arrest of Squeez Benz is a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle against reckless street racing and the glorification of dangerous activities on social media. As law enforcement cracks down on such behavior, it is crucial for influencers to recognize their responsibility in promoting safe and ethical content. The incident serves as a reminder that thrill-seeking and fame should never come at the expense of public safety.

What happened during the hit-and-run involving N3on?

During a live stream, Squeez Benz drove recklessly through the streets of New York, eventually crashing into a van and fleeing the scene, leaving N3on to face the consequences.

How did the NYPD track down Squeez Benz?

Investigators used evidence from Benz’s social media profiles, where he had posted videos of his street racing exploits, to track him down and arrest him.

What are the charges against Squeez Benz?

Benz faces charges of eluding police, involvement in a hit-and-run, and other pending charges from additional law enforcement agencies.



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