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Maximizing small business owners’ success in slot machine entertainment – Chicago Tribune


More businesses are seeking additional avenues to boost their income streams. One such means that has gained attention is slot machine entertainment. Installing slot machines in commercial establishments can be an ideal source of extra revenue as it provides steady income while requiring little maintenance.

Elite Gaming has emerged as a trusted provider of slot machine entertainment. It was founded in 2018 and has since become the fastest licensed terminal operator in Illinois. Dedicated to responsible gaming, the company has earned a reputation as the go-to destination for those seeking slot machine entertainment solutions.

Elite Gaming offers efficient services and tailored strategies to help businesses succeed in a competitive market. It prides itself on providing the latest machines for its clients’ locations, ensuring they’re always equipped with the most up-to-date technology. The company partners with industry-leading manufacturers to guarantee exceptional quality and performance. These manufacturers have established themselves as pioneers in the gaming industry and have a track record of delivering solutions that enhance the gaming experience for players worldwide.

Elite Gaming’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to its round-the-clock machine repair services. It has a team of in-house technicians with over a decade of experience who prioritize minimizing downtime. The innovative company also has a compliance team that handles all licensing needs so businesses can navigate complex legalities to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

“We understand that adding slot machines in establishments can be challenging, especially given that small business owners need to go through multiple processes, from licensing to installation. That’s why we’re here. We take the burden off their shoulders so they can just focus on running their business,” states owner Tony Kizhakkekuttu.

Because Elite Gaming is invested in its clients’ success every step of the way, it delivers marketing services led by a team of professionals who create tailored campaigns that target their specific demographics. This offering maximizes clientele’s returns on investment (ROI).

At the same time, it offers a custom loyalty program. Here, Elite Gaming helps its clients retain and reward their most valuable customers. This approach will aid them in differentiating themselves from the competition and establishing lasting relationships with patrons.

It’s worth noting that it’s not only premier gaming terminals that the company provides. It also offers various entertainment options (e.g., dart boards, leagues, jukeboxes, and pool tables) to enhance establishments’ ambiance and diversify their amusement offerings. In other words, Elite Gaming does everything to elevate its clients’ entertainment offerings so their customers come back for more.

Elite Gaming, therefore, stands out for maximizing the revenue potential of its partners. The industry average hovers around $8,000 a month or $100,000 a year in generated revenue from gaming. However, Elite Gaming’s average hovers around $14,000 a month, generating over $168,000 a year. Highlighting how businesses choosing Elite Gaming see themselves becoming a top earner within their municipalities thanks to its approach and methods for boosting financial growth.

An owner of a liquor store attests to Elite Gaming’s exceptional service and dedication to client satisfaction. He says, “Elite Gaming has handled all the heavy lifting for us. They helped us get all the licensing and paperwork in order and get all the machines up and running. I haven’t had to worry about anything since signing with them.”

A proprietor of a cafe and bar shares a similar sentiment and commends the company for being reliable. He thanks Elite Gaming for its prompt support whenever technical issues arise and states, “Their technicians do everything they can to solve the issue as quickly as possible. When they work, you can tell they are genuinely putting the effort into it.” These testimonials showcase the company’s passion for fulfilling its mission of empowering small business owners to pursue revenue growth opportunities.

When asked about his plans for Elite Gaming’s future trajectory, Kizhakkekuttu answers, “I’m very excited about our prospects. We intend to expand within the next couple of years. We’re confident that as soon as the necessary approvals are in place, we’ll be ready to seize the opportunity and establish our footprint in various states across the U.S.”

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