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MAFS Season 16 besties poke fun at D-list status with new project


Gina Micheletti and Kirsten Grimes
Gina Micheletti and Kirsten Grimes are starting a podcast. Pic credit: Lifetime

The ladies from Married at First Sight Season 16 are poking fun at their D-list status after gaining reality TV fame.

Gina Micheletti, Kirsten Grimes, and Nicole Thielk shared plans for a fun new project, and MAFS fans are excited.

The Nashville wives formed a close bond during their time on the show, although it wasn’t a happy ending for Gina and Kirsten.

Gina’s marriage to Clint Webb crashed and burned before it even got off the ground, as their lack of chemistry prevented the relationship from moving forward.

Kirsten’s marriage to Shaquille Dillon had potential, but it seems he was scared off by her high-maintenance lifestyle.

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Thankfully, Nicole had more luck than her castmates, as her marriage to Chris Thielk is the only success story among the Nashville cast.

However, while the marriages failed, the friendships thrived, and now the Season 16 besties are ready for a new adventure together.

MAFS Season 16 wives embrace their D-list status

The MAFS alums recently met up for a girls’ brunch, and now we know what Gina, Kirsten, and Nicole were chatting about.

The trio posted from their podcast page and shared the exciting news with their Instagram followers.

The post read, “Three girls, one amazing journey! From reality TV to your favorite podcast stream, we’re bringing you all the real talk, laughs, and behind-the-scenes stories.”

“Get ready for D-List Diaries — a listening experience filled with unfiltered chats, general life musings, guest visits from your other favorite ‘d-listers’, and so much more,” it continued.

Before ending the post, the trio asked their followers to share ideas about what topics they wanted to hear about and which guests they would like to see on the podcast.

MAFS fans suggest ideas for D-List Diaries

MAFS fans are excited about Nicole, Gina, and Kirsten’s new podcast, and they have shared some ideas for future episodes.

“Please share your unfiltered thoughts on the Denver season 😳,” suggested a commenter.

“Please invite couples still together,” suggested someone else. “There are so many successful couples that could provide inside for future couples how to navigate their MAFS journey as well as how to grow their marriages in the real world.”

Someone said, “Would love ex MAFS to come on show. Not the typical that we always hear about.”

One person wrote, “Am looking forward to this one for sure … maybe with more context some of us can get closure on some decision day decisions that failed to make sense even at the reunion…”

MAFS fans comment on Kirsten Grimes post
Pic credit: @kirstenrgrimes/Instagram

The trio also got the support of MAFS OG Jamie Otis, who wrote, “Love this! I’ll be listening! 👏❤️🔥.”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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