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Letters: Changing cities | Price has failed


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Homeless population
may change cities

Re: “Oakland’s unhoused population rises 9%” (Page B1, May 16).

While San Francisco’s mayor recently congratulated herself on fewer homeless encampments in San Francisco, Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao suggests the rising problem with homelessness in Oakland is slowing.

Does it occur to no one at either city hall that when you chase the homeless out of San Francisco, they hop on BART and cross the bay?

Ellen Starbord

DA Price has failed
Alameda County residents

Re: “Defiant DA Price vows to defeat recall effort” (Page A1, May 16).

District Attorney Pamela Price has forgotten that she is to uphold the laws no matter who breaks them.

She has a progressive, criminal-friendly agenda that is unjust to the victims of Alameda County. She seems to care more about the criminals than she does the victims. That must stop and will when the sensible voters recall her.

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors also failed us by postponing the recall vote to November. They should have held a special ballot in June.

David Ott

Oakland could do more
to extol S.F. proximity

If Oakland Airport really wants to rebrand to extoll its proximity to San Francisco, they should consider the signs leading visitors out of the airport.

Not a single sign from the terminal to 880 mentions the direction to travel if you want to get to San Francisco. Good luck with that, out-of-towners.

Shannon Erickson
Walnut Creek

A day for ‘Hanoi Jane’
is an outrage to many

I was sickened to read that Los Angeles County was holding a “Jane Fonda Day.” You will notice I refuse to use the word “honor” to associate anything with her. The only thing Hanoi Jane should receive is a jail sentence for aiding and abetting the enemy.

It is interesting that certain segments of our country can so easily forgive her; especially if you consider the harm she caused to South Vietnamese citizens and American servicemen fighting in Vietnam. She figured out all she had to do was become a “very strong advocate for climate change.”

How come Confederates who had their statues torn down recently were not so easily forgiven? I could substitute “Hanoi Jane” for “Confederates” in any conversation that talks about suffering, deaths and the damage caused by each one’s actions to others. I guess a Confederate climate activist was needed back then to sway these activists.

David Smith
San Ramon

Money is perverting
the nation’s politics

There is too much money in politics.

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