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Fans share who they think The Masked Singer’s Goldfish and Gumball are


Nick Cannon at an event for The Masked Singer
Fans of The Masked Singer share who they think Goldfish and Gumball are on the show. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Admedia

Another season of The Masked Singer is ready to end, and fans are eagerly trying to guess the identities of the two remaining contestants.

Fans have not been so excited for another reveal since Season 10 of The Masked Singer unmasked Ne-Yo as the Cow.

Fans have debated who is who during the episodes all season long, and the finale is no different.

With Gumball and Goldfish as the two remaining characters, fans declare who they think is who, and the list is long for both characters.

Not only do we need to find out who they are, but the winner is still up in the air. Their singing styles are vastly different, yet both are amazing. At this point, it remains anyone’s game.

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The Masked Singer’s crew have been sharing videos on social media, causing fans to speculate who will be under the masks in the finale for Gumball and Goldfish.

Gumball’s real identity is hard to guess and sure to be a shocker

In a video teaser featuring Gumball, the judges all stood to their feet and got goosebumps; the song was great.

After watching the song, fans started to guess who they think will be under the mask at the finale.

One fan shared, “10 million percent Scott Porter!” Another apparent Scott fan said, “I want him to win so bad! Scott Porter!! Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose!!”

Then one fan shared, “My mom is cheering for Gumball, and she hopes that he will win…my guess was Zac Efron, just kidding!”

Fans of The Masked Singer try to guess who Gumball is on the show
Pic credit: @maskedsingerfox/Instagram

Another fan is sure that Gumball is “John Legend.” One fan agreed, “Yes, sounds just like him!!!”

Then someone said, “Nope, Scott Porter.” Yet another shared that they thought it was Scott by referencing his character from the television show Lucifer.

Fans of The Masked Singer share their guesses about Gumball
Pic credit: @maskedsingerfox/Instagram

The fans seem to think it could be Scott Porter, John Legend, or even Zac Efron (just kidding).

Who is the Goldfish? Fans share their guesses

The Goldfish video contains clues about who could be under that costume, but that doesn’t help the fans narrow down a guess.

Fans are all over the place, guessing about the Goldfish.

One fan said, “Vanessa Hudgens.” Another is sure it is Hilary Duff, and a third thinks it is Ashely Tisdale.

Fans of The Masked Singer speculate on the Goldfish character
Pic credit: @TheMaskedSinger/YouTube

Another fan referenced Vanessa Hodgins again and her character from High School Musical, Gabriella.

This is not the first time fans have thought Vanessa is a character in The Masked Singer. As reported by Monsters and Critics, they thought Vanessa was the Gazelle in Season 10.

Another fan thought that the prom dress clue referenced High School Musical, which could mean Vanessa or Ashely Tisdale. Beanie Feldstein was suggested because of her work on Broadway.

Fans of The Masked Singer speculate on the Goldfish character
Pic credit: @TheMaskedSinger/YouTube

No matter who is right or wrong, fans will have an exciting episode to watch in The Masked Singer’s finale.

The Masked Singer Season 11 airs Wednesdays on Fox.

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