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The Fellowship is finally returning to work on the island


Gary Drayton gives a to camera interview on Oak Island
Metal detectorist Gary Drayton will likely be returning to Oak Island with the Lagina brothers for Season 12. Pic credit: History

Fans of The Curse of Oak Island will be pleased to hear that work has finally begun on the island for Season 12, which is expected to air in November.

The History Channel and The Curse of Oak Island social media accounts have not made any official announcements about the Lagina brothers’ arrival on the island, but they never do.

Work on the island usually starts in earnest in April or May, and last year, filming continued until the first week of November, which is quite impressive considering the first episode of Season 11 aired on November 7.

The show and its cast members like to keep things hush-hush, but thankfully, there are spies up in Nova Scotia.

A personal blog run by a nearby resident of Nova Scotia keeps the world updated from their social media account, Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway.

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From their position on the other side of the causeway, they post pictures of the comings and goings on the island.

Operations on Oak Island are reportedly ‘ramping up’

Recently, the account has stated that it was pretty quiet on the island, and there was no sign of any cast members. However, this week, they posted pics of multiple vehicles at the Curse of Oak Island base of operations.

They wrote, “Guess things are finally ramping up! At least there are vehicles on site today!”

The Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway account has not yet spotted any cast members, and neither Rick nor Marty Lagina have made any announcements. Neither brother is active on social media.

Gary Drayton and other Oak Island cast members have not yet been spotted on the island

The only very active cast member on social media is metal detectorist Gary Drayton, who regularly posts videos and pics of his day-to-day treasure-hunting activities. However, he keeps his cards metaphorically close to his chest and never lets on about what is happening in Oak Island.

Gary spends most of the winter months in Florida hunting for treasure along the beaches. And if his recent social media posts are to be believed, he is still on the southeast coast.

The metal detectorist posted a pic of a Florida beach just last week and claimed he spent “Saturday morning working in the office.”

Some cast and crew members, such as Scott Barlow, Laird Niven, and Charles Barkhouse, live in the area and often start work earlier than the Laginas, who must come from Michigan. Perhaps the locals are already well on the way to solving the over 200-year-old mystery.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 12 is expected to return in November 2024 on History.

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