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Chicago P.D. season finale TV promo has fans worried Hank Voight will die


Hank Voight Chicago PD Season 10
Jason Beghe has played Hank Voight for 11 seasons of Chicago P.D. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Hank Voight is in harm’s way during the Chicago P.D. season finale.

During the penultimate episode of Season 11, Voight was taken from his home after being seemingly drugged.

It appeared that Voight had been drugged, leading to hallucinations and immobilizing the Intelligence leader.

As Intelligence began zeroing in on a lead suspect in the serial killer case, his team had no idea that Voight had been taken.

When Detective Hailey Upton went by his house, she became suspicious that his car was there, his backdoor was unlocked, and Voight was missing.

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Was Voight about to become the latest victim of a serial killer that had plagued Intelligence for most of the season?

Below is the TV promo NBC has released for the May 22 season finale of Chicago P.D. It sets the stage for a memorable episode.

The promo also has Chicago P.D. fans worried that Hank Voight is going to die. Are we about to witness the final episode for star Jason Beghe?

“As the months-long investigation into the serial killer reaches its close, Voight must outsmart the offender in a race against the clock. Upton must make a vital decision,” reads the full synopsis for Chicago P.D. Season 11, Episode 13.

The episode is called More and this could be one to remember.

More details from the One Chicago season finales

The final Chicago P.D. episode this season is also the last time actress Tracy Spiridakos will be on the show. She has ended her run as Upton, with the filming of her scenes already completed.

Is Chicago P.D. setting up a scenario where Upton sacrifices herself to save Voight? Did the writers create a scenario where Voight and Upton are lost to the same killer?

It seems unlikely that Upton’s final episode would also lead to Voight’s exit. That would be too many primary characters for one show to lose. But losing Upton will shift the tone when Chicago P.D. returns with Season 12 in the fall.

Tune in on May 22 to find out how Upton exits Intelligence, and if it is her choice.

Elsewhere, Chicago Fire has an “emotional farewell” in its finale. It will be a sad night for fans, but it will open a new chapter for the people at Firehouse 51.

And here are details on the Chicago Med season finale.

As a reminder, the season finales for the One Chicago shows arrive on Wednesday, May 22.

Previous episodes of Chicago P.D. are available to stream on Peacock. The streaming service is great for watching content during the summer hiatus.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC.

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