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Survivor releases preview for season finale


Survivor 46 Ben
Ben Katzman made it to the final five on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The season finale for Survivor 46 has nearly arrived, and an intense TV promo has been released.

Only five people were left after another blindside happened in the final six.

Q Burdette got voted out with an Immunity Idol still in his pocket. He finished in sixth place and took a spot on the Survivor 46 jury.

It has become a season of people wasting their advantages, unknowingly giving many Survivor fans exactly what they wanted, a season without advantages.

But there are still some big moments ahead, including a Fire-Making Challenge to help decide the final three.

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The Survivor 46 season finale arrives on Wednesday, May 22. It’s a three-hour installment, with the final segment covering a pizza party in Fiji. No, there’s no Survivor Reunion Show this year.

Below is the CBS promo for the Survivor 46 season finale. Ben Katzman, Kenzie Petty, Maria Gonzalez, Charlie Davis, and Liz Wilcox are shown in their final battle.

As a quick reminder, the final five have an Immunity Challenge and a Tribal Council to decide who makes the final four. Once only four people are left, they play in the final Immunity Challenge, where the winner gets a guaranteed spot in the final three. The final Immunity Challenge winner also selects the two people who face off in the Fire-Making Challenge.

Once they are down to only three players, the Survivor 46 jury takes over. It’s possible there could be some bitterness due to so many people getting voted out with Immunity Idols in their pockets.

It will be an exciting night, beginning at 8/7c on Wednesday, May 22.

More news and notes from Survivor

Kenzie Petty revealed that she is pregnant. The Survivor 46 castaway is expecting a baby with her husband.

Additional good news comes from the Survivor 33 winner. Adam Klein just got married to his long-time girlfriend.

A deleted scene reveals Venus Vafa caught fire in Fiji. She had been sleeping too close to the fire and woke up to a lot of heat.

Venus called Ponderosa “traumatizing” in her exit interviews, where she spoke ill of her time after getting voted out. But Soda Thompson responded and refuted Venus’ claims, as she says things went much differently at Ponderosa. That argument is a good reason for CBS to bring back the Survivor Reunion Shows.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available to stream on Paramount+. That includes the last time alums competed: Survivor 40: Winners at War.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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