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Soulja Boy Apologizes For Insulting Metro Boomin’s Late Mother, Plans To Seek Therapy –


Soulja Boy has issued a public apology to Metro Boomin after making disparaging remarks about the producer’s late mother in response to a 12-year-old tweet. The apology comes after a backlash from fans and peers in the music industry, highlighting Soulja Boy’s history of overreacting on social media.

On May 15, 2024, Soulja Boy took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to extend an olive branch to Metro Boomin. His apology read, “I apologize to @MetroBoomin for overreacting over an old tweet. Condolences to his mom. I’m going to seek therapy and anger management. I’m done responding to hate, new or old [praying hands emoji, 100 emoji].” This statement marks a significant step for the rapper, who has often been criticized for his impulsive and aggressive online behavior.

The incident that prompted this apology dates back to a tweet Metro Boomin posted in 2012, which read, “My phone rings to come to the studio with Jeezy. Yours rings to send Soulja Boy a pack of beats. Sit down.” Although the tweet was over a decade old, Soulja Boy’s recent discovery of it led to a heated response in which he insulted Metro Boomin’s mother, who tragically passed away in a murder-suicide in 2022.

Soulja Boy’s reaction is not an isolated incident. He has a well-documented history of overreacting to perceived slights on social media. In 2021, he went on a viral rant against Kanye West after the Chicago rapper criticized a verse Soulja Boy submitted for the album “Donda.” That same year, he made violent threats against Atlanta rapper Trouble, who had called him out for dissing Young Dolph. In 2022, he lashed out at Wizkid for a decade-old tweet that shaded him. More recently, in November, he directed an expletive-laden tirade at J. Cole, only to later apologize following an intervention from Nicki Minaj.

Despite Soulja Boy’s apology, Metro Boomin has not publicly responded to the insults or the subsequent apology. However, 21 Savage, a close associate of Metro Boomin, did react. He issued a stark warning to Soulja Boy, promising to make him “crap his pants” the next time they meet, indicating that the issue might not be fully resolved within the hip-hop community.

Soulja Boy’s acknowledgment of his need for therapy and anger management could signal a turning point for the rapper. By seeking professional help, he may be able to manage his emotions better and avoid similar outbursts in the future. His apology, if sincere, could pave the way for reconciliation with Metro Boomin and serve as a lesson in the importance of handling conflicts maturely and respectfully.

This episode underscores the broader issues of mental health and emotional regulation within the music industry, where the pressures of fame and past grievances can lead to explosive situations. Soulja Boy’s decision to seek therapy is a positive step toward personal growth and could inspire others facing similar challenges to do the same.



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