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Lauren Good, Emily Balch clap back at claims they’re looking for ‘clout’


Emily Balch and Lauren Good screenshot
Are Emily Balch and Lauren Good clout chasers? Pic credit: Lifetime

Lauren Good and Emily Balch are getting called out on social media after they threw major shade at castmates Chloe Brown and Michael Shiakallis.

Emily recently posted a lengthy message that Lauren wrote where she blasted the former couple and accused them of doing Instagram Live videos for clout.

However, Married at First Sight fans think Lauren and Emily are the clout chasers, especially after they promoted a meet and greet scheduled for the end of May.

Critics pointed out that the women are doing the same thing they’ve accused Michael and Chloe of doing, but the duo is clapping back.

The Season 17 wives are less than thrilled that Married at First Sight fans have embraced the former couple, while the ladies in pink continue to get backlash online.

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It’s been a few weeks since the season ended and we assumed the drama between the women and Chloe had subsided, but Emily and Lauren recently reignited the drama and now they’re getting called out.

Lauren and Emily throw major shade at Chloe and Michael

At this point, you’d be hard-pressed to find even one reality TV star who isn’t in it for clout, but according to Emily and Lauren, that’s not the case.

The duo is getting called out on Instagram for a post throwing shade at their castmates.

The post was shared on Emily’s page where she included a video from the Season 17 finale and accused Chloe of lying.

She also included a message Lauren wrote about Chloe and Michael.

“The two most inauthentic people… are STILL posting MAFS-related content and doing IG lives for clout,” the text read. “The jokes write themselves.”

Lauren and Emily clap back at clout-chasing claims by MAFS critics

It didn’t take long for MAFS fans to clap back in defense of Chloe and Michael.

“Says the woman who has a meet and greet with Lauren at a drip place planned? Has a cameo account setup, and an Amazon storefront? But you’re not here for CLOUT… 🤣 🤣🤣🤣,” wrote a commenter.

Emily responded, “we are brand ambassadors for @specialtydripps and cameo and Amazon storefront is for the fans.”

MAFS critic calls out Emily Balch and Lauren Good
A MAFS fan goes after Emily and Lauren. Pic credit: @the_emily_balch/Instagram

Lauren also chimed in with a lengthy response, telling the critic they agreed to do the meet and greet for the women-owned business because the company has “always been very kind to Denver MAFS cast.”

Lauren also clarified that they were not getting paid for the event – they wanted to help the business grow their clientele.

“It’s not for us to discuss MAFS things or be in any spotlight, it’s marketing for them,” she added.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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