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Jersey Shore fans slam JWoww and Sammi Sweetheart for ‘rude’ treatment of Angelina’s fiance


jersey shore star sammi sweetheart giancola face shot from family vacation on mtv
Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola during Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore viewers blasted multiple cast members after witnessing how they treated Angelina Pivarnick’s fiance, Vinny Tortorella.

Dubbed “Vinny 2.0” in the episodes and by fans, Angelina’s fiance joined her at the latest Family Vacation spot in Tucson, Arizona.

However, Angelina was already feuding with her castmate, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, which made things uncomfortable.

During one scene, Angelina was getting ready to join the cast for an outing, so Vinny went to hang out with her castmates, including Sammi, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Deena Cortese, and Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio.

As Vinny entered the room, Sammi told her castmates she would “say something” to him about Angelina.

During a tense scene, Sammi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley made interesting comments toward their castmate’s fiance, increasing the drama.

“Why don’t you get your fiance?” Sammi asked Angelina’s fiance after he entered the room.

When he indicated she wasn’t ready, Sammi dramatically said, “What else is new? Once again, we’re all waiting for her.”

Vinny claimed he was “just the messenger,” and Sammi told him to “go be the messenger then.”

“Comin in hot,” Vinny said, with Sammi telling him, “Real hot. You can tell her that, too.”

“You can tell her. You don’t gotta tell me,” Vinny said, gesturing with his hand.

“Maybe you can go get her so I can tell her,” Sammi said.

“No offense, Vinny. Why’d you come in?” JWoww asked, and Sammi immediately looked shocked and amused.

After the tense and dramatic interaction, Angelina’s fiance decided to return to the room after saying he felt “caught off guard” but “like part of the family” after the tense and dramatic interaction.

Viewers felt the cast was ‘rude’ to Vinny 2.0 during a Family Vacation scene

A Reddit forum post called “Poor Vinny 2.0” featured commenters calling out the cast for their treatment of Angelina’s fiance. In particular, multiple commenters blasted Sammi and JWoww.

“They were extremely rude to him for no reason. They looked terrible here,” a commenter wrote.

Another said they didn’t mind Sammi’s comments but felt Jenni questioning “why he came in was a little much.”

“She was insinuating that ange told him to go and spy for her, which was the correct assumption but a little much,” the commenter said.

Another commenter said that Sammi “was rude to Vinny when her problem was with Angelina,” calling it “immature and unnecessary.”

screenshot from reddit post as jersey shore call sammi and jwoww rude
Jersey Shore fans weigh in. Pic credit: @Franditor/Reddit.com/r/jerseyshore

Other viewers suggested that Sammi and JWoww have “always been snooty as hell.”

“I just feel like Sam is trying too hard. You’ve been gone a long time, hun. Take a seat a chill. I don’t really know what her value add is here?” a commenter wrote.

Another speculated that Sammi got “gassed up” by the internet due to “the history of abuse from Ron.”

“Yet she chooses to ignore her stank a** attitude towards other people,” the commenter added.

reddit screenshot shows comments about sammi and jwoww treatment of angelinas fiance
More Jersey Shore fans share their thoughts. Pic credit: @Franditor/Reddit.com/r/jerseyshore

During the recent Family Vacation episode, viewers saw Angelina’s fiance and Sammi’s now-fiance, Justin May, talk about getting their ladies to “agree to disagree” so everyone could have a good time on the trip.

While the women seemed to agree, Angelina continued to bring up the TikTok video she claimed Sammi made with an NFL player’s wife to troll her. Sammi maintained that Angelina needed to stop discussing her during interviews and media events.

Although they didn’t quite see eye to eye, they seemed to at least issue a ceasefire and agreed to co-exist while on the cast vacation in Arizona.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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