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Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10 Spoilers: Much Ado About a Wedding and a Reunion


In the two seasons that Fire Country has been on the air, we’ve seen many unexpected developments, especially for lead star Max Thieriot, who plays Bode Leone.

As the second season draws to a close, we’re finally getting resolutions and closure on situations we didn’t get with the first season finale.

Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10 is the event of the year that Bode fans have been dreading.

Bode in an orange vest - Fire Country

Gabriela’s wedding day. To paramedic Diego.

But will Gabriela really go through with the union after she and Bode had such a powerful conversation to clear the air in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 9?

Gabriela treats a patient - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10

Fans have waited all season to witness this interaction. Was it done in time to change things between them?

And that kiss they shared? Whoo! Talk about fanning the flames.

Gabriela insists it was a mistake but hasn’t she said that about her relationship with Bode before in the first season? So why go there again?

The relationship triangle between Gabriela, Bode, and newcomer Diego has been a big part of the second season’s plotline.

Both Bode and Diego are in love with Gabs. And it’s clear that she still loves Bode. But with him in prison for who knows how long, she’s chosen to move on with her life.

Bode and Diego have a drink at a bar - Fire Country

Only it looks like Bode won’t be locked up anymore.

Thanks to his heroism in saving Vince’s life during the Lazarus Fire last episode, Bode earned the Extraordinary Citizen Credit, which removed 12 months from his 11-month sentence.

So, does that mean we’ll see Bode at Gabriela’s wedding?

And what about her other former boyfriend, Jake?

The two have become good friends, so it would be out of character not to see him and all of Station 42 at the nuptials.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to expect to see him in attendance with Genevieve as his date. Gene told Bode during the firefighter’s ball that she wanted to visit with him before Three Rock closes.

Will the two connect now that Bode is free from prison, even if he isn’t her biological father? Before Cara passed away, she told Bode she wanted him to be Gene’s guardian. But Jake doesn’t want it to happen.

Jake stares up - Fire Country

Now that Bode is in the real world, will he try to live up to Cara’s request? Or will he step back and let Jake be the father figure he’s been while dating Cara?

The connection between Gene and Jake has grown stronger since Cara died. Would it be right to take the pre-teen away from the family she’s trying to make to place her with strangers?

What does Bode have to live for if he doesn’t have the daughter he thought he did or the girl of his dreams?

Even Bode seems to be at a loss for what to do with his life on the outside. In a promo trailer for the second season finale, he’s wallowing in self-pity now that he’s no longer a firefighter.

Bode rescues a boy. - Fire Country

Will Bode have a firefighting career in Fire Country Season 3? Or are his hero days over now that he’s been released? He doesn’t seem ready to stop saving lives, regardless of if he’s a firefighter.

And speaking of released inmates, Bode’s best friend Freddy makes a surprise visit to check in with Bode upon getting out.

We haven’t seen Freddy since Bode took his drug charges so he could get an early release during the first season.

Most fans agree that seeing Bode falsely return to prison was the worst way the first season could have ended.

So, having Freddy back for a visit now that Bode is out is the perfect way to wrap up the shortened, rather stale second season. Freddy was always the one person who could get through to Bode when he wasn’t thinking clearly.

Freddy returns - Fire Country

Quite a contrast from Bode’s present sidekick, Cole, who is more of a rebel. He doesn’t hold Bode accountable for breaking the rules, which Bode does. A lot.

Only it seems like Freddy is still rooting for a Gabriela-Bode reunion. If he tells Bode to go get his girl, will Bode listen? Is Bode finally going to break up Gab’s relationship with Diego for good?

We know there will be a wedding. Now, we just have to wait impatiently to find out which couple will be getting married.

And speaking of weddings, can we expect to see the bride’s father attending?

Things are a bit up in the air regarding Manny’s future. In the previous episode, we saw him walk away, leaving everything behind, after he learned an arrest warrant was out for him.

Fredy talks to Eve - Fire Country

Two theories are floating around on Manny’s future.

One is that he turns himself in to be there for Gabriela’s wedding. He gets jail time, which he completes at Three Rock as a model inmate firefighter.

A second theory is that Manny’s disappearance is him leaving the show for good.

In an interview with TV Insider, Max Thieriot said of the Season 2 finale, “Episode 10, I think, will be really exciting and fulfilling. But I think it’s also an episode that is pretty heart-wrenching and there’s a little bit of devastation as well. It really is kind of filled with everything.”

Hold up, Thieriot! What sort of devastation are we talking about here? Will we be saying goodbye to a series regular?

Vince just resigned from CalFire, pending a medical clearance, after having heart trouble from his electrocution in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 7.

Vince in normal clothes - Fire Country

Will his heart condition lead to an exit from the show for Billy Burke, who plays Vince? He’s already said he doesn’t know where he’ll be next year.


Fire Country has been pretty good at retaining a regular cast of characters with very few traumatic on-screen deaths.

Cara was the most noteworthy loss in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 5. But Rebecca from Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15 deserves an honorable mention.

But just because we keep a lot of regulars doesn’t mean we won’t experience another character removal for the season finale ahead of the third season.

The show has set up the storyline, so we might say goodbye to Vince. Or to Manny, who might be a wanted criminal by the start of the third season.

Sharon looks worried - Fire Country

Then again, the plot perfectly points to an exit for our bewildered Bode best friend, Jake Crawford.

Jake has decided to raise Gene instead of Bode, despite what Cara said to Bode on her deathbed.

Gene made Jake promise not to die during the last episode, which haunted him during the Lazarus fire.

The storyline could unfold with Jake deciding that being a firefighter was too dangerous now that he’s Gene’s dad. She’s already lost two sets of parents.

Be sure to tune in to the second season finale to find out how our favorite firefighters end up before the third season.

And drop your thoughts in the comments.

Do you agree with our predictions, or do you have some theories of your own? Show us those suspicious minds.

Sara Trimble is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. You can follow her on X.

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