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Brits don’t hear back from almost half the jobs they apply for


Looking for a new job, and waiting to hear back can be a stressful time. (Credits: Getty Images)

Job hunting isn’t a whole lot of fun: in between searching job boards for the perfect role, to the tedium of applications (all that CV tweaking and cover letter finessing), there can also be a lot of highs and lows.

The highs are infrequent, but the lows are abundant––and can be really low, especially when you don’t get a job you think you’d be a great fit for. Right now, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), there are around 1.6 UK workers per job vacancy (up from 1.4 previously), which is adding to the difficulty.

The ONS also found in its most recent vacancies and jobs in the UK report, issued in April, that the estimated number of vacancies in January to March 2024 was down 1.4% from the previous quarter.

These might sound like small numbers, but they add up to big headaches for job seekers.

Additionally, job hunting can take up a lot of time. Some data indicates that it takes the average candidate around 3.8 months to get a job, from the moment they update their CV to getting an offer.

Testing timelines

Over an entire career, the average person can spend a whopping five months in the interview stage for jobs, according to a recent survey. For Millennials, this can be even longer––this generation tends to switch roles more frequently, staying in each of their jobs for a maximum of six years.

Then of course, depending on where you are in your career, these timelines can change. Junior roles tend to take about 3.6 months to land, but if you are in management, expect a five-month wait. Senior management jobs take even longer, with CEOs looking at eight months in total.

According to jobs site Indeed, one of the main reasons for these wait times is that the hiring process is broken.

“This is especially true when it comes to finding and sourcing the right people for the right jobs, as our research shows that while hiring managers are receiving an influx of applications that aren’t a match for the role, workers are similarly contacted for positions that simply aren’t right for them,” says the company’s head of talent intelligence in the UK, Danny Stacy.

Indeed has found that British job seekers don’t hear back from 45% of the jobs they apply for. The knock-on effect is that 49% have given up on finding a job that’s right for them because the process is too difficult, demoralising––or time-consuming.

Another 52% of workers say when they don’t hear back from a job it makes them wonder if they should be searching for new work at all, and so they are staying in jobs they are unhappy and less productive in fixing a broken process.

One solution lies in better matching between job hunters and employers. And it turns out that AI-powered tech may revolutionise the process. “Our latest tech innovations not only can instigate quality matches between employers and job seekers but also change real bugbears with the hiring process,” says Stacy.

That’s good news for job seekers who have been in the trenches for weeks, if not months. If that’s you, then you may need a bit of renewed optimism to help you continue your search.

The Metro Job Board is a great place to begin, with thousands of roles available all across the UK. See three of those below.

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You should have three-plus years’ of experience working in UX research, preferably in the ecommerce/tech industry, a Bachelor’s degree or above in psychology, statistics, sociology, marketing research, economics, international trade, or other related fields, along with experience using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. See more here.

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You should have expert-level experience in planning and executing complex, large-scale initiatives or operational areas, significant leadership experience in insurance and IT, along with UK and Lloyd’s market experience. Interested? Find out more here.

Music app Spotify is looking for an outstanding Client Partner who will focus on travel clients to join its UK Vertical team. You will have a consistent track record of revenue generation, and a deep interest and passion for digital media and innovation.

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Apply for this job now.For thousands of roles all across the UK, visit the Metro Job Board today.

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