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Boston Rob reveals which reality show he’d do after Deal or No Deal Island


Boston Rob Mariano at a Survivor event.
Boston Rob Mariano reveals which reality show he would do after Deal or No Deal Island. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Admedia

Now that Season 1 of Deal or No Deal Island is finished, Boston Rob Mariano is looking at his options in the reality television world.

Boston Rob has been on almost everything from Survivor to The Amazing Race and has proven to be an excellent player on any show he is on.

With over twenty years in the reality show business, everyone wants to know what he wants to do next.

The fan favorite of Deal or No Deal Island Season 1 has kept Boston Rob in the spotlight on social media, and everyone cannot wait to see what is next for the veteran.

According to Inside Survivor, there are rumors of an Australia vs America Survivor season, and casting for that incredible match-up is still in the early stages.

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Parade asked Boston Rob about the chances of fans seeing him in that scenario. He called it “unlikely” that he would do that, but he does have another show he has been eyeing.

Boston Rob reveals he would love to do Traitors

Boston Rob has been teasing his desire to do a season of Traitors since the show’s debut. One of his friends, Survivor alum Cirie Fields, not only played but won Season 1 of US Traitors, piquing Boston Rob’s interest in the show.

Parade reports Boston Rob saying, “I love the strategy aspect of it. I love… that they feed you and you don’t have to sleep on an island. So it’s interesting, I would consider it.”

Boston Rob is undoubtedly looking for a new challenge, which is one reason why he signed up for the spinoff of Deal or No Deal. Deal or No Deal Island had the fun of guessing which suitcase to choose and whether or not to take a deal from the Banker, with the added fun of playing challenges on a tropical island.

Fans react to Boston Rob’s intentions to do Traitors

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Boston Rob’s fans have long loved the idea of him doing Traitors. They continue to feel that way, even after Season 1 of Deal or No Deal Island is finished.

A fan said on Reddit that it “feels like he’d be taken out so fast on the traitors, but I feel like I’ve said that every time since Heroes vs. Villains.”

Another fan said, ” He wouldn’t agree to go on traitors unless he had a strategy going in…One doesn’t simply just win Survivor.”

One fan agreed, “Yeah, that scares me, and it’s so unfair; it always happens to the best ones!”

Fans share feelings about Rob Mariano on Traitors
Pic credit: u/AMikeBloomType/r/DealorNoDealIslandNBC/Reddit

Let’s hope we hear Boston Rob’s name coming up for US Traitors Season 3.

Deal or No Deal Island aired on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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