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Boston Rob fans suggest a new role for him in Deal or No Deal Island Season 2


Rob Mariano on Deal or No Deal Island
Boston Rob’s fans want him to have a special role in Deal or No Deal Island Season 2. Pic credit: NBC

Now that Deal or No Deal Island Season 1 has finished, fans look forward to the next season.

It is no secret that fans feel strongly that Boston Rob Mariano carried the entire season on his back and want to see him in Season 2.

While it would not make sense for him to compete again in back-to-back seasons, fans are trying to get him into the Deal or No Deal universe.

Each week, fans have loudly said they will turn off the show and do not even care who ultimately wins if Boston Rob were to be sent home.

The penultimate episode was a cliffhanger with no one going home, and fans called it the “worst episode” of the season.

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Now, fans have pitched a unique role for Boston Rob in the upcoming Season 2 of Deal or No Deal Island.

Fans want Boston Rob as the Banker on Season 2

There was immense speculation about who the Banker for Season 1 would be all season long, and everyone wanted it to be Howie Mandel. Howie is the host of the original Deal or No Deal, with Joe Manganiello taking over the role for the spin-off.

Over on Reddit, a fan brought up the idea that Boston Rob should be the Banker after a fan expressed their feelings about Howie and the job he did as the villainous Banker.

One fan shared, “Am I the only one who thinks Howie was terrible last night? Holy cringe. I almost turned off and couldn’t finish.”

A fan shared feelings about Howie Mandel
Pic credit: u/ashlo_ren/r/DealorNoDealIslandNBC/Reddit

Then a fan had the great idea to bring Boston Rob back, “Bring back Rob as the Banker. He has an evil side…”

Another fan said, “I like that idea,” and another agreed, “Yeah, that would work!”

A fan wants Boston Rob to come back as the banker
Pic credit: u/ashlo_ren/r/DealorNoDealIslandNBC/Reddit

Boston Rob shared his feelings about his elimination

Boston Rob sat down with Rob Cesternino and Brandon Chappell on their podcast, Rob Has a Podcast, and shared feelings about the show and his elimination.

Boston Rob called NBC’s marketing of the cliffhanger “smart marketing.” No one knew if Rob would survive his penalty and advance to the final two.

He admittedly did not listen when Joe Manganiello read the rules to the contestants and was thinking strategically, so he was heavily penalized when he looked at a fellow contestant’s puzzle.

Boston Rob also shares, “I know I’d be a target…but at the same time, I have two decades of experience I felt I could lean on.”

Ultimately, he knew he could not win.

It would be great to see Boston Rob in a future Deal or No Deal Island season.

Deal or No Deal Island is currently on hiatus on NBC.

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