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‘Something I will never forget’


robin roberts face shot from eclipse across america special
Robin Roberts was part of the Eclipse Across America special. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning American host Robin Roberts became overwhelmed with emotions during ABC’s coverage of the total solar eclipse.

Millions observed the eclipse across the country as its path of totality moved across multiple states, and millions of people in other states witnessed a partial eclipse.

Due to its significance, it also took over television coverage during the afternoon, preempting various programs.

ABC News and National Geographic presented a live special during the event from various locations in the United States called Eclipse Across America.

The special featured ABC anchors and correspondents, including Ginger Zee, Robin Roberts, Whit Johnson, and David Muir.

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Roberts became especially choked up during the live special due to witnessing the event.

Robin Roberts says she’ll ‘never forget’ emotional eclipse experience

During ABC’s Eclipse Across America special, Roberts and Johnson reported live from The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

After witnessing the eclipse’s totality with a crowd of others gathered for the event, Johnson asked Roberts to comment on how she felt during her first-ever eclipse.

“What are you feeling right now?” Johnson asked Roberts, who was momentarily speechless as she processed the event.

“You’re feeling it. I know you are,” Johnson said as Roberts nodded and gave a thumbs-up sign.

“Woo,” Roberts said as she choked back tears.

“It’s hard to express the emotions that you feel when you see something like this, and knowing that your mom saw it first down in Mexico. The whole totality and people that go to see it, and know that we’re all together like this, something I will never ever forget,” she told Johnson.

In addition to ABC’s televised coverage, the event was streamed on Disney+ and YouTube, and on-demand viewing is now available on these platforms.

Roberts says her ABC colleague helped her experience the eclipse

Roberts was in Cleveland for a special Good Morning America interview, but she nearly returned to GMA and her home area before Monday’s eclipse viewing event.

She was already in the area for Sunday’s NCAA Women’s College Basketball Championship Game, which featured Caitlin Clark and Iowa against undefeated South Carolina.

Following South Carolina’s victory, Roberts interviewed head coach Dawn Staley.

After her assignment, Roberts was ready to go to the airport and fly home.

However, during ABC’s live on-air coverage of the eclipse, she credited her colleague Whit Johnson for being able to witness the total solar eclipse in Cleveland.

“You got me to stay,” Roberts told Johnson, adding that she was “heading to the airport,” but Johnson asked her, “How could [she] miss this?”

“I’m so glad I stayed,” she said as Johnson hugged her.

“I’m so glad I shared this moment with you, Robin,” Johnson said as they took in the emotional event.

Due to being in Cleveland for Monday’s eclipse viewing and on-air coverage, Rebecca Jarvis replaced Roberts alongside Michael Strahan and George Stephanopolous. Roberts was absent from the morning program again on Tuesday.

While Roberts didn’t reveal an expected return date for GMA, she could be back sometime this week after participating in the emotional eclipse event.

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