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Platonic Season 2: Everything We Know So Far


Gather all your friends. Platonic is headed back to Apple TV + for Season 2.

In some ways, Platonic Season 1 felt like a limited series, but we’re excited to have more time with Will, Sylvia, Charlie, and the other characters.

Platonic filled us with lots of drama and laughter, mainly because Rose Bryne and Seth Rogan worked together previously on the comedic film “Neighbors” along with creators and writers Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller.

Platonic Season 2: Everything We Know

Let’s hope the second season is as successful as the first one.

While the second season may be a ways off, let’s discuss possible release dates, Season 2 plot lines, cast, and everything we know so far.

Platonic Key Art-Verical

Has Platonic Been Renewed?

Apple TV + renewed Platonic for Season 2 in December 2023. While the buddy comedy was initially planned as a limited series, it attracted a large following.

Co-creators Nick Stoller and Francesca Delbanco commented, “We’re so thrilled to have the opportunity to tell more stories with Seth, Rose, and everyone at Apple TV+ and Sony,”

“Season Two spoiler alert: Will and Sylvia won’t get together this time either.”

Matt Cherniss, head of programming for Apple TV+. added, “Since the first episodes of ‘Platonic’ debuted on Apple TV+, global audiences have been charmed by the hilarious, wildly fun, and relatable friendship that Rose and Seth have brought to life through their charismatic performances.

Will's New Beer Business

“We can’t wait for viewers to see these characters encounter even more comedic mayhem in season two, thanks to our partners at Sony and to the brilliant minds of Francesca and Nick.”

How did Platonic Season 1 End?

Platonic Season 1 ended in such a way that many people wondered if it was really a limited series. Will and Sylvia shared their ups and downs, but by the end, they seemed like they had grown up.

The season finale almost treated Will and Sylvia to the rom-com treatment, but they weren’t a couple. Yet, those final scenes in the one-year flash forward were powerful as the two acknowledge their successes but seem almost sad that they won’t need each other as much.

Sylvia at the Wedding

Even though Will got a job heading the beer department of a large restaurant chain, he was hesitant to leave Sylvia. She should have been a larger consideration if they were dating, but best friends don’t factor into job relocations.

Even though their relationship stayed platonic, the two of them still got a montage of their best moments that played at Katie and Andy’s wedding. While Sylvia and Will weren’t a couple, it symbolized that male and female friendships should also be cherished.

While many thought that was the end, now we have more of their moments to look forward to.

What Will Platonic Season 2 Be About?

Since both the co-creators and Seth Rogan have teased that Will and Sylvia’s relationship will remain platonic, it’s difficult to speculate what Season 2 will cover since they are not dipping into the romantic territory.

Charlie Lets Loose on Platonic

However, Will and Sylvia’s friendship seemed to thrive when one of them was falling apart, so it could be interesting to see how their friendship works when they are both happy.

Now that Will is engaged to Jenna and Sylvia bought a new house with her husband, Charlie, there are plenty of opportunities for the foursome to bond more.

Luke Macfarlane, who portrays Charlie, spoke of how much he enjoyed working with Seth Rogan and Rose Bryne to get used to Will and Sylvia’s renewed friendship. Macfarlane hoped that Charlie and Will would bond more in Season 2 to show viewers that they were all in a good place.

How Many Episodes Will Platonic Season 2 Have?

Platonic Season 1 had ten episodes, and we anticipate that Plantonic Season 2 will have the same amount.

Will and Charlie Get Up Close and Personal

Who Will Be in the Platonic Season 2 Cast?

We know the series’ leads, Rose Bryne and Seth Rogan, will return. They both have other collaborations with Apple TV +.

Bryne also stars in the Apple TV + dark comedy Physical, and Rogan is set to star, write, and direct an untitled comedy for the streamer.

There shouldn’t be too many changes to the cast as we fully expect to see Luke Macfarlane back as Sylvia’s husband, Charlie, and Rachel Rosenbloom as Will’s fiance, Jenna.

Platonic Friends

Here is a list of the expected cast cast for Platonic Season 2:

Rose Byrne as Sylvia

Seth Rogen as Will

Luke Macfarlane as Charlie

Charlie and Sylvia Smile

Rachel Rosenbloom as Jenna

Tre Hale as Andy

Carla Gallo as Katie

When is the release date for Platonic Season 2?

We’re unsure of a release date. However, production for Platonic Season 1 began in May 2022, and the series premiered a year later in May 2023. Since production hasn’t begun yet, we’re probably looking at a 2025 release date.

Rose Byrne for Apple TV+

Is There a Trailer for Platonic 2?

Since there is no footage, there is no trailer yet for Platonic Season 2. We will place all teaser and official trailers here as soon as possible.

Where Can I Watch Platonic Season 2?

Platonic will stream on Apple TV +,  where the first 10 episodes will be streamed exclusively  If you haven’t seen the comedic antics of Rose Bryne, Seth Rogan, and Luke MacFarlane yet, catch up on the series before Season 2 returns.

Seth Rogen for Apple TV+

Are you excited for Platonic to return? What would you like to see in Season 2?

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