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Hope Valley throws a birthday party for Nathan in new promo


Kevin McGarry on When Calls the Heart
Nathan’s party is coming up on When Calls the Heart. Pic credit: Hallmark

The residents of Hope Valley know how to throw a party, and the official teaser for When Calls the Heart Season 11, Episode 2, reiterates as much.

The second episode of the season finds Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) and Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller) working together to plan the perfect birthday party for Nathan (Kevin McGarry).

Unfortunately, the birthday boy doesn’t seem too fussed about celebrating the occasion, making the preparations far more exciting.

In the footage released by Hallmark, we see the pair planning behind the scenes.

In true When Calls the Heart fashion, it doesn’t go as expected, but does that matter if Nathan has a smile on his face by the end of the clip?

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Now that tension is again simmering between Elizabeth and Nathan, we’re sure the party will go off without a hitch.

Elizabeth and Nathan’s relationship is back on

Elizabeth and Nathan were together many seasons ago, but that all stopped when Elizabeth chose Lucas (Chris McNally).

Now, it seems like she regrets that decision because she’s back with Nathan.

That hard left turn has successfully shifted the series in a different direction, and after one episode of When Calls the Heart Season 11, the show may be going in the right direction.

We don’t know whether that means Elizabeth and Nathan are endgame, but a sneak peek of the upcoming episode highlights their burgeoning romance.

A sneak peek teases Elizabeth and Nathan being endgame

In it, we see Elizabeth creating a banner for Nathan’s birthday while Jack Thornton Jr. works on a card for the big occasion.

It’s an interesting scene that highlights Elizabeth’s adoration of Nathan, and it seems that their pairing will get her son’s approval.

Check it out below.

Elsewhere on When Calls the Heart Season 11, Episode 2, Lucas has recuperated and is settling into his role as governor.

We were worried about what the show would do with Elizabeth’s ex after the shooting that almost claimed his life.

Keeping him around allows the writers to send the show in new and interesting directions.

Lucas is getting a blast from the past

We know he’ll get a blast from the past in an upcoming episode, which could give him a personal storyline independent of Elizabeth.

After the controversial When Calls the Heart Season 10, the series has managed to recalibrate, which we didn’t think was possible.

It’s still in the early days, but there’s a chance the show will win back some of the fans it lost last year.

When Calls the Heart airs Sundays at 8/7c on Hallmark.

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