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Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Lewd Line Debuts at Concert


Festivus. Anti-dentite. Bad-breaker-upper. Pretty, pretty, pretty good. From Seinfeld to Curb Your Enthusiasm, for 35 years, Larry David has helped to contribute dozens of phrases to the pop culture lexicon. And in the penultimate episode of the final season, Curb may have offered up his career piece de resistance with returning guest star Bruce Springsteen‘s unexpectedly hilarious “floor fucker” comment.

Now, it appears the hit show’s lewd phrase has crossed into the real world — and into one of The Boss’ stadium shows.

Springsteen, who first appeared on the second episode in the HBO comedy’s 12th season, reemerged in the March 31 installment because he wanted to meet Larry David, who became a liberal hero after (unknowingly) standing up against a Georgia 2021 voting law that makes it illegal to provide food or water to voters in line at the polls. During a conversation with Larry at the home of Jeff and Susie Greene (played by Jeff Garlin and Susie Essman), it’s revealed that California’s top curmudgeon is a so-called “floor fucker,” i.e. he prefers to have sex (with Springsteen’s manager, no less) on the floor.

Well, the lewd phrase has caught on. On Sunday, the same night that the Emmy-winning comedy released its series finale, a fan brought the phrase to Springsteen’s show at Los Angeles’ KIA Stadium, as Consequence of Sound discovered and shared on X.

“Someone brought a ‘Floor Fucker’ sign to Bruce Springsteen’s show in Los Angeles last night,” the music site wrote on X, crediting original poster David Futernick.

Even better, the phrase was ad-libbed by Springsteen himself, Curb‘s executive producer and director Jeff Schaffer recently revealed to The Hollywood Reporter when speaking about the episode.

“Bruce telling Larry, ‘I never took you for a floor fucker,’ is one of my favorite moments ever — like, in life,” he recalled when in the conversation. “We knew we were going to be talking about floor fucking, but that was all Bruce. That was Bruce chiming in, which was amazing. We were like, ‘What! He’s so funny.’”

Schaffer added, “If the music thing doesn’t work out, he definitely has a future in comedy.”

Curb, meanwhile, wrapped its more-than-two-decade run by calling back to the Seinfeld series finale and putting Larry on trial, his reputation at stake, for obstructing the election process at Georgia. In similar fashion to the classic sitcom created by David, his Curb alter-ego faced witnesses from his past that he has offended, which prompted a third cameo from Springsteen to claim that Larry “maliciously” gave him COVID when they mixed up their waters at the Greene’s house. See how Curb ended here.



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