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You can travel around France this summer for less than £50


Travel to Bordeaux for a fraction of the price (Credits: Getty Images)

France is a popular destination for holiday goers, with its impressive architecture, fabulous cuisine, wonderful wine, and interesting history.

And if you’re thinking of visiting this summer then you might be able to see much more of the country for less than £50.

Following similar successful schemes in Germany and Portugal, France has announced the launch of a new nationwide unlimited travel pass for just €49 (£42) a month.

The unlimited travel pass  will come into effect between July and August, coinciding with the 2024 Olympics.

But there is a catch. It’s only available for those aged 26 and under.

Aerial view of Viuex Old Port of Marseille during sunset in France (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Specifically, the unlimited travel pass will apply to journeys not only on France’s Intercity and TER trains, but also local buses, metros, and trams.

This means that travel across Ile-e-France — home to Paris — and high-speed TGV trains will require additional tickets and will not form part of the discount. 

So, you won’t exactly be in your Emily in Paris era, but you’ll still be able to explore places like Bordeaux and Marseille.

French president Emmanual Macron previously announced his intentions to introduce a national rail pass back in September 2023.

He said this during an interview with YouTuber HugoDecrypte, and confirmed that the plans were inspired by Germany’s deutschlandticket.

‘I have asked the transport minister to launch it with all the regions that are willing to set up this system,’ Macron said at the time.

It was initially hoped that the travel pass would apply to all ages, but even so, 700,000 young people will be able to benefit from the pass.

Passes will be available to purchase from 15 June through SNCF-Connect.

How far in advance should you book a holiday?

Travel operator Ski Vertigo told Metro the best times to book 2024 summer getaways.

  • For European trips, the sweet spot is 141 days — booking that far can lead to savings of 47%.
  • For the Eurostar, it’s 120 days.
  • For long-haul fights, you should book 178 days in advance, as this can give you a 54% reduction in costs.

Where else in Europe can I travel via train?

France is the latest European country to introduce these dreamy travel passes.

This craze all started with Germany’s €49 deutschlandticket, which applies to all public transport modes in the country for people of all ages.

Portugal’s €49 National Rail Pass is also available for people of all ages, although it doesn’t apply to buses, urban transport systems, and intercity routes.

Meanwhile, a three-day rail pass across various regions in Italy will cost €29, while five-day tickets are priced at just €49.

Belgium’s aptly-named Youth Holiday Pass costs just €35 a month, with under-26s getting unlimited rail travel during school holiday periods.

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