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Tiffany celebrating Merge Feast, losing team suffering, and Moriah confessional


Tiffany Survivor 46
Tiffany Ervin shown on the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new deleted scene from Survivor 46, Episode 6 has been revealed. The episode featured the Merge Challenge and Moriah Gaynor getting voted out.

As Survivor fans already saw, Moriah became a sacrificial lamb from the Siga Tribe after all Yanu Tribe members earned safety.

The unbalanced teams teased a one-sided Merge Challenge, but the underdog team nearly pulled it off. If not for the puzzle prowess of Hunter McKnight, the results may have been different.

But additional footage from the episode hit the cutting room floor. If the episode had been two hours, viewers could have seen more discussions at the Merge Feast and back at camp with the losing team.

The main focus of those scenes (during the episode) was deciding who would be targeted at the upcoming Tribal Council. It was an extensive discussion, with Nami and Siga each asked to nominate someone to vote out.

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Regarding that eventful Tribal Council, Charlie Davis revealed (here) why he voted against Venus. Some Survivor viewers may have assumed Moriah placed that vote, but she lost her vote in exchange for playing the Shot in the Dark.

A deleted scene shared from Survivor 46, Episode 6

Below is the new clip that Survivor has uploaded to its YouTube page. It begins with the Merge Feast as the six winners (and Tiffany Ervin) enjoy their first large meal since arriving in Fiji.

Tiffany, Q Burdette, and Kenzie Petty struggled to get food as their tribe kept losing. It led to them enjoying the food more than most. And Tiffany speaks about it in a confessional.

As that party takes place, the scene flips over to the losing team at the tribe beach. They are devastated, and Maria Shrime Gonzalez jokes about not wanting the other castaways to return from their feast.

Then we get to see a confessional from Moriah Gaynor that was mysteriously cut from the episode. It seems like a scene that should have been included, but maybe the producers felt it would point to Moriah going home next.

More from Survivor

Charlie Davis posted about someone impersonating him online. He seemed pretty frustrated to deal with it in the early morning hours.

A Survivor alum also gave Jeff Probst advice on how he could improve the Merge Challenge. Will he take the advice? Stay tuned.

And a Survivor winner revealed their toughest challenge while playing the game. It provided some unique insight from someone who has played the game before.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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