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The Price Is Right fans express frustration as show is abruptly interrupted and ‘preempted’


the price is right host drew carey
Drew Carey is the host of The Price Is Right. Pic credit: CBS

Sometimes, recent events cause interruptions, preemptions, and schedule changes with television programs.

That was the case for The Price Is Right, as it was abruptly interrupted last week.

In March, viewers saw various CBS programs preempted and postponed due to coverage of NCAA’s March Madness and college basketball.

However, a more recent interruption was caused by weather, as an earthquake shook parts of New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere.

Viewers expressed their frustration with being unable to watch the recent episode of the popular game show.

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It might also raise questions about the upcoming episode of The Price Is Right, as another significant event will occur, potentially bringing news coverage.

The Price Is Right viewers react to preempted episode

Some viewers weren’t happy about news coverage interrupting their favorite game show’s Friday, April 5 episode, as they couldn’t watch Drew Carey present various price-guessing games to contestants for prizes.

According to Yahoo! News, a 4.8-magnitude earthquake was felt in the Northeastern United States this past Friday. New Jersey and New York were among the areas that felt the quake most, but parts of Washington, D.C., and Boston, Massachusetts, also felt it. 

Due to the surprising and sudden quake, news coverage arrived on various channels to inform and update others about the situation.

That meant The Price Is Right was interrupted or preempted for viewers in those markets.

Fans of the show took to a Reddit forum to express their frustrations over that.

“I’m in NW NJ felt it too- pissed TPIR was skipped as well,” a viewer commented.

Another said they didn’t understand why the game show needed to be interrupted by “a gazillion other channels airing EQ ‘news’” and suggested, “Just put a crawl at the bottom.”

“I do not live near there, but I do hate the interruptions that come through when I’m trying to watch the price is right,” another commenter said.

viewers of the price is right comment on reddit forum about preemption
Pic credit: u/AppropriateName6523/Reddit

Another commenter wondered why they couldn’t “wait until the top of the hour” for the news coverage.

However, many consider the earthquake significant enough to provide coverage, as there might often be aftershocks, damage, and interrupted services to update viewers about.

Will The Price Is Right air on Monday, April 8?

Friday’s preemption is likely not the last time fans of The Price Is Right or other daytime shows might see their favorite programs preempted.

On Monday, a significant event will occur with the solar eclipse that many will attempt to observe at different hours throughout the United States.

Some news channels may provide coverage of the event as the eclipse occurs.

According to CBS News, 15 states are in the path of totality to see the eclipse. Based on the report, the total eclipse will begin around 11:07 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time over New Mexico before it moves over other parts of the United States from Texas to Maine.

While those particular areas may witness the total eclipse, many other regions will see a partial eclipse due to their location relative to the path.

CBS News indicates that this significant event could be observable by an estimated 136 million individuals in the United States.

A TV Guide listing shows that a new episode of The Price Is Right should air on Monday, April 8, at its regular time slot.

Time will tell if any local news networks will bump the popular game show to provide additional eclipse coverage. Various networks around the country can always make different decisions, so viewers should be aware of possible interruptions for their favorite shows on Monday.

The Price Is Right airs weekdays at 11/10c on CBS.

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