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90 Day Fiance: Chantel Everett unrecognizable in latest selfies: ‘What happened to her?’


chantel everett S4 the single life tell all
Chantel’s changed appearance is garnering a lot of attention and raising a lot of questions. Pic credit: TLC

Chantel Everett has altered her looks so drastically that 90 Day Fiance viewers find her unrecognizable.

Chantel was introduced to 90 Day Fiance fans during Season 4 of the flagship series and has appeared in several spinoffs since then.

Following her divorce from Pedro Jimeno in 2022, Chantel allowed TLC’s cameras to follow her as she looked for love again.

Chantel joined the Season 4 cast of 90 Day: The Single Life and developed some intense chemistry with a Greek man named Giannis Varouxakis.

But it wasn’t only Chantel and Giannis’ love story that caught 90 Day: The Single Life viewers’ attention — they’ve also noticed that Chantel’s face looks much different compared to her early days in the franchise.

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Some of Chantel’s recent selfies were captured by the 90 Day Fiance fan account @90dayfianceupdate on Instagram and shared in a post, “Chantel showing off her smile.”

Chantel recorded herself from her car, and in the still shots, 90 Day Fiance viewers got an up-close look at her face.

In the comments section of the upload, most 90 Day: The Single Life fans expressed how shocked they were to see how much Chantel has changed her appearance since she debuted her storyline in 2019, deeming her “unrecognizable.”

Chantel Everett shocks 90 Day: The Single Life viewers with her latest selfies: ‘Doesn’t look like her’

One Instagram user questioned why Chantel’s looks have changed and asked, “What happened to her?”

“She’s caught the Stacy and Darcy disease!!! GO GET THERAPY!!!!” proclaimed another.

One of Chantel’s critics called the TLC star “so sad” and said that the 33-year-old RN “did not need that botox or filler.”

90 day fiance viewers comment on chantel everett's changed appearance on instagram
Pic credit: @90dayfianceupdate/Instagram

“She was so pretty, before all the face changing she is doing to herself,” wrote @mememac5268.

Others chimed in, claiming that Chantel is looking “less and less like the old” version of herself, that she looks like “3 different people” in the latest pics, that she was “so pretty before all of the surgery,” and that she doesn’t look like herself.

“I didn’t recognize her at all,” added @laurieg_6.

Has Chantel had plastic surgery?

Chantel works as a registered nurse in aesthetics, so she’s no stranger to cosmetic enhancements.

The Atlanta native has admitted to getting Botox injections, but she’s denied having a nose job or breast augmentation.

Chantel Everett looks much different these days. Pic credit: TLC

When Chantel made her franchise debut five years ago, she sported a more natural look during confessionals, wearing less makeup, donning thinner brows, and forgoing last extensions.

Judging by Chantel’s before-and-after photos seen above, it’s easy to see why 90 Day Fiance viewers are convinced that she’s gone under the knife to achieve her new look, but she’s sticking by her claims that she’s only tweaked her appearance with some neuromodulator injections.

Part 4 of the 90 Day: The Single Life Season 4 Tell All airs on Monday, April 8, at 8/7c on TLC.

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