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Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee talks marriage, having babies with boyfriend Khesanio Hall


mackenzie mckee IG selfie feb 2024
Mackenzie and Khesanio’s relationship has gotten serious and her fans want to know if they’ll take it to the next level. Pic credit: @mackenziemckee/Instagram

Things are getting serious between Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee and her boyfriend, Khesanio Hall.

The couple went public with their romance in 2023 after months of speculation following her split from Josh McKee.

Mackenzie recently introduced Khesanio (or Khess as she calls him) to Teen Mom fans when he appeared alongside her in Season 3 of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Now that Mackenzie and Khess’s relationship is out in the open, Teen Mom fans have lots of questions.

During a recent Q&A in her Instagram Stories, Mackenzie opened up about the possibility of becoming Mrs. Hall and having babies with her new boyfriend.

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One question from a curious follower asked, “Do you guys plan to get married? You guys are cute together.”

To respond, Mackenzie uploaded a photo of herself and Khess posing for a sweet couple’s snap while filming for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Mackenzie McKee plays coy regarding marriage and babies with Khesanio Hall

Under the photo, Mackenzie wrote, “Khess is mine forever!”

Unsurprisingly, another one of Mackenzie’s followers wanted to know whether she plans on having more children.

Rather than write her answer, Mackenzie included a photo of herself recording a confessional for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, with an expression of uncertainty on her face as she stared down at the ground.

“Wedding bells anytime soon?? I absolutely love yall,” read the last question in Mackenzie’s Stories.

To respond to this one, Mackenzie uploaded a recording of herself and Khess interacting with her fans.

“That’s a Khess question,” Mackenzie noted as he began to say, “Bing, bing, bing!” as he pointed toward the Teen Mom star.

Mackenzie says her ex, Josh McKee, refuses to sign divorce papers

Although Mackenzie didn’t give her fans direct answers, it seems as though she’s open to getting married again.

However, she and Josh are still legally married, even though they’ve been separated since 2022.

As Monsters and Critics reported in August 2023, Mackenzie claimed that Josh refused to sign divorce papers.

On August 4, 2023, Mackenzie took to Twitter to tell her followers that, at the time, she had filed for divorce over a year prior.

Mackenzie asked for help locating Josh because she had been unable to reach him and have him sign the divorce papers.

Mackenzie and Khess’s relationship is in stark contrast to her and Josh’s storyline in the Teen Mom franchise.

Mackenzie returns to Teen Mom, and Khesanio makes his MTV debut

While Mackenzie and Josh often fought during their segments, or Josh clammed up in front of the cameras, Khess has shown us just how opposite he is from Mackenzie’s ex-husband-to-be.

Khess has displayed his outgoing personality to Mackenzie’s castmates, paying no mind to the controversy that got her shunned by MTV and her former castmates.

Mackenzie’s remarks about Vice President Kamala Harris – calling her “colored” rather than a woman of color – ostracized her from the rest of the Teen Mom family, and she wasn’t asked back on the show.

However, MTV had a change of heart, and she’s back at it this season, even interacting with Cheyenne Floyd, who was at the center of Mackenzie’s scrutiny.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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