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Jenny McCarthy under fire for ‘assaulting’ Justin Bieber in viral throwback clip: ‘You should be ashamed’


jenny mccarthy justin bieber red carpet
Jenny publicly groped Justin on stage during the 2013 AMAs and she’s catching major flak for her actions. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Peter West/ACE Pictures

Jenny McCarthy has found herself in some boiling hot water.

The Masked Singer judge is under immense scrutiny after a video of her interaction with Justin Bieber during the American Music Awards in 2012 has resurfaced.

A clip of Jenny getting aggressively handsy with Justin on stage as she presented him with an award has gone viral on social media in recent weeks.

The reason behind the massive backlash is Jenny and Justin’s age difference.

At the time the 2012 American Music Awards were filmed, Jenny was 40 years old, while Justin was just 18 years old.

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In the video, Jenny put both of her hands around Justin’s neck and forcibly planted a kiss on the back of his neck as the teenager squirmed and tried to get away.

Justin Bieber felt ‘violated’ by Jenny McCarthy at the 2012 AMAs

Jenny persisted, however, and even grabbed his backside as he walked toward the podium.

“Wow! I feel violated right now,” Justin admitted after being groped by Jenny, who is 22 years his senior.

After the video made its rounds on social media, Jenny’s critics took notice and called out her behavior.

On Instagram, Jenny recently posted a photo of her glam team’s final product as she prepared to host another episode of The Masked Singer.

Jenny captioned the shot, “Glam squad nod on @maskedsingerfox tonight. 💃❤️ @beautybyangee @scottkinghair @warrenalfiebaker @formlessbeautybyjenny #makeup #fashion #makeupideas #makeuoartist #makeuplover #hair #hairstyles.”

Although Jenny’s post was aimed at her appearance, many of her critics couldn’t help but comment on her behavior from 12 years prior, and they laid into her big time.

Critics lambaste Jenny for ‘assaulting’ 18-year-old Justin on stage

One of her naysayers wrote, “You should be so ashamed of yourself for assaulting jb like you did at the AMA’s, you wouldn’t like it if an underage girl was grabbed like that by an older man.”

“Hey u remember when you sexually assaulted Justin [Bieber] when he was like 16?” asked another one of Jenny’s disparagers.

jenny mccarthy's critics commented about her touching justin bieber during the 2013 AMAs on instagram
Jenny’s critics put her on blast in her latest Instagram post. Pic credit: @jennymccarthy/Instagram

Another commenter demanded to know Jenny’s response to “forcibly kissing a child star now that it’s going viral.”

“Remember when you molested justin Bieber and implied you would r@pe him?” asked another Instagram user.

Many more comments piled up on the post, demanding justice for Justin, calling out Jenny for “abusing” Justin as a child, and accusing her of “pedophilia.”

Jenny defended her behavior: ‘It was worth it’

Following her controversial on-stage antics, Jenny spoke out backstage at the AMAs and didn’t show any remorse for her actions.

In fact, Jenny joked about her interaction with Justin, calling it “cougar rape.”

“It was worth it for the Bieber. I did grab his butt,” Jenny said.

When asked whether grabbing Justin’s behind was spontaneous, Jenny responded, “Well, it better be, cuz that’s just weird if it isn’t.”

“Yeah, you know, I gave him a kiss, and there was a lot of lipstick, and my partner Luke decided to wipe it off, and I was like, ‘No, a**hole, I did that for a reason, so he’d remember me.’”

Jenny continued to tell reporters that she “couldn’t help” herself because Justin was “just so delicious, so little,” adding that she wanted to “tear his head off and eat it.”

Jenny has yet to respond to the condemnation against her at this time.

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