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Travel warning for all boozy Brits holidaying to Greece this year


One local has a warning for Greece’s tourists (Picture: Getty Images)

More than four million British holidaymakers travel to Greece every year, making it one of the UK’s leading summer getaways behind Spain.

But a Greek resident is warning Britons to be careful not to fall into a common trap when visiting.

The local, who posted on Reddit, explained how British tourists end up nursing horrendous hangovers, due too overindulging in their famously strong spirits.

He explained that drinking as the Greeks do, would save a lot of headaches.

The poster offered the following advice: ‘Go easy on ouzo, raki and tsipouro. They’re not meant to be drunk quickly.

‘You’ll regret drinking them quickly if you do. Your liver will hate you for it as well.’

It’s easy to get carried away (Picture: Getty Images)

Greece’s famous tipples are very high in alcohol. Aniseed-flavoured Ouzo is 40% proof, whilst Raki is a whopping 50%. Tsipouro, which is often served with mezze dishes, is around 40-45%. 

As consultant and party planner Rory Adams tells Metro.co.uk, Greek spirits are best enjoyed in ‘slow sips alongside fabulous food, lively laughter, friends, and a lovely warming, laid-back vibe’

Rory recommends that Ouzo is sipped slowly in a tall glass ‘I like to pour it over ice, adding a small splash of water to activate those herbal notes.’

More fiery drinks like raki and tsipouro, Rory says, are best served neat in small glasses. ‘These rustic grape distillates pack rich fruit notes that pair exquisitely with mezze like dolmades, grilled halloumi and smoky melitzanosalata. Take your time between sips to fully appreciate their complexity.’

If a cocktail is more your thing Rory suggests a twist on the traditional portokalad.

‘I muddle fresh orange slices with a touch of honey, then add the raki over ice along with a bright herbal garnish like mint or rosemary.

‘It’s dangerously refreshing!’

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