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This is officially the best tomato ketchup and it costs just 45p


The best ketchup isn’t what you’d expect. (Picture: Getty)

When it comes to tomato ketchup, there’s one crucial question to ask: Does it always have to be Heinz?

If you’re a ketchup purist and only ever buy the branded stuff, then you might be offended to learn that there is actually a tasty alternative out there to the iconic red stuff and it’s so much cheaper.

According to a massive blind taste test by Which?, a supermarket own-brand option is just as ‘impressive’ as the Heinz sauce and it will only set you back 45p.

The taste test of 76 people crowned Lidl’s Batts Tomato Ketchup (45p for 500g) as the best supermarket ketchup, garnering 75% of the votes from those taking part. 

The sauce was up against those from top supermarkets, including Aldi, Co-op, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and M&S, but Lidl scooped the number one spot for both taste and cost.

Interestingly it also has less salt and sugar than average, which is a nice bonus.

Lidl’s 45p ketchup is said to taste ‘impressive’ (Picture: Lidl)

Lidl’s product was hailed an ‘impressive all-rounder’, with the majority of the 76 testers who tried it claiming it had just the right ‘flavour, tanginess, and sweetness’. A whopping 92% also thought the colour was appetising, while 78% thought the consistency was spot on as well. 

Co-op’s Tomato Ketchup (£1.10 for 550g) came in second, getting 72% of votes for its well-liked colour and level of sweetness. However a few found it ‘too tangy’, which is why it lost out on the top spot. It’s also joint-priciest of all the supermarket ketchups.

Aldi’s Bramwells Tomato Ketchup (89p for 650g) came in third and was dubbed a ‘good-looking’ ketchup with a ‘pleasing thickness’.

Surprisingly, M&S, which is typically hailed for its ‘innovative and delicious’ food came last in the taste test for its ketchup which only scored 64%. More than two-thirds of those taking part said it was ‘too thick and too dark’ in colour. It also had the highest sugar content of all the ketchups.

The best supermarket ketchup from the taste test:

  1. Lidl Batts Tomato Ketchup (45p for 500g)
  2. Co-op Tomato Ketchup (£1.10 for 550g)
  3. Aldi Bramwells Tomato Ketchup (89p for 650g)
  4. Sainsbury’s Tomato Ketchup (£1.10 for 680g)
  5. Morrisons Tomato Ketchup (90p for 450g)
  6. M&S Tomato Ketchup (£1 for 495g)

But don’t panic just yet Heinz fans, as your favourite sauce hasn’t been written off completely.

The taste test also compared branded ketchups, with Heinz being pitted against the likes of Hellmans, Stokes, and Tiptree.

Heinz (£3.40 for 460g) came out victorious (duh) garnering 77% of votes. The testers loved the iconic colour, the thickness, and strength of flavour. However, it is worth noting that Heinz is nearly 10 times more per 100g than the Lidl winner, but we won’t judge if you can’t stop buying it.

Heinz is iconic (Picture: Getty Images)

When it comes to other brands, Hellmann’s (£2.15 for 473g) came in second place, with Del Monte (£1.80 for 550g) in third and Stokes in fourth place. 

The tomato ketchups were all tested in March 2024 by a panel of consumers who regularly buy and consume tomato ketchup. Each brand of ketchup was assessed by 76 people. 

The tasters rated the taste, texture, aroma and appearance of each and told Which? what they liked and disliked about each one. They didn’t know which brand they were trying, and the order in which they tasted the ketchups was fully rotated to avoid any bias. 

Natalie Hitchins, Which? head of home products and services, said: ‘Tomato ketchup has been a household staple for decades and some people have strong feelings about the brands they love or hate. 

‘Heinz emerged as the preferred choice among our taste testers for branded ketchup, illustrating why it is still the go-to option for many. However, some may question whether the higher price tag is justified. 

‘For those looking for a ketchup that hits the mark for both flavour and affordability, Lidl’s version is just 45p and came out top in our supermarket own-brand taste tests. At almost £3 less than branded competitors, Lidl ketchup is a fantastic budget-friendly option that is worth considering as a substitute.’

This comes after Heinz recently launched a brand new twist on the iconic tomato sauce, offering a Smokey Bacon version.

The new flavour has left fans divided with some branding it ‘unusual’ but others comparing it to Frazzles crisps.

If you want to try it for yourself, Smokey Bacon Ketchup is on sale at Iceland and The Food Warehouse currently, and is priced at £2.50 for 460 grams. It will also be available to buy from Sainsbury’s nationwide from Wednesday April 10 for £3.39.

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