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Southern Charm stars Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altschul tease epic collaboration


Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altschul selfie
Madison and Miss Patricia have an idea they are tossing around. Pic credit: @pataltschul/Instagram

The Southern Charm cast is gearing up to film Season 10, but other ideas are floating around… in the meantime.

Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altschul are a force to be reckoned with.

Their friendship is fun and a bit odd, which is why so many Southern Charm viewers are fascinated with the two.

Not only are the two Southern women friends, but Madison is Miss Patricia’s hairdresser. They have known each other for years; even when the cameras aren’t up, they keep in contact and hang out.

Miss Patricia had health concerns during Season 9, keeping her away from most events. However, that didn’t stop Madison from calling and visiting her, especially when she needed advice on being a housewife.

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Now, the dynamic duo is throwing around a new idea that could garner a huge following.

Madison LeCroy and Patricia Altschul tease podcast

Over on Instagram, Patricia Altschul shared a photo of herself and Madison and posed a question about a podcast.

The Southern Charm stars wanted to know, “If we start a podcast, what should we call it?”

The comment section did not disappoint with various ideas for names.

One follower suggested, “Eat, Drink, and Remarry.”

Another wrote, “Mouths down south.”

And one more threw in, “‘Slightly North of Broads.’”

Name suggestions for Madison and Miss Patricia's podcast
Southern Charm fans weigh in. Pic credit: @pataltschul/Instagram

What do we know about Season 10 of Southern Charm?

Filming for Southern Charm should start at any point now if it hasn’t already.

There are some changes in the cast, with Olivia Flowers not returning after two seasons on the show. Season 9 was tough, with her friendship with Taylor Ann Green imploding during filming. Also, Olivia lost her brother, Conner Flowers, while filming.

Madison LeCroy has hinted she has some friends joining the cast, which will bring fresh faces to the forefront as the way of Southern Charm seems to be her spearheading the friend group.

Viewers want to see Kathryn Dennis return, but that may not be possible. Casting news has been kept close to the chest, but there were rumblings that Craig Conover and Shep Rose were pulling for her to return.

Miss Patricia Altschul appears to be moving around better than she was during Season 9, so there is hope she will be more active with the cast. And since she and Madison are so close, there’s room for their shenanigans, especially if they launch a podcast.

A Southern Charm podcast could be just what the franchise needs, especially with Madison and Miss Patricia at the helm.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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