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Masturbation technique practiced by just 3% of people gives ‘amazing’ orgasms


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Ever heard of syntribation? We hadn’t either, but it could be the gateway to an extremely steamy solo session.

While sex toys are a great addition to sexual play, if you take masturbation back to basics you can have an orgasmic time without lifting a finger – literally.

According to sex therapist Ness Cooper, syntribation is when ‘an individual with a vagina squeezes their thighs together, allowing the pressure of the two legs squashing together to give pleasurable sensations that lead to orgasm’.

Layla* a 23-year-old woman shared her experience of syntribation on Reddit saying: ‘I’ve never been able to orgasm just by rubbing my [clitoris]’.

She added that she believes it be a ‘weird way’ of masturbating,and wanted to learn how to pleasure herself ‘normally’.

But Ness tells Metro.co.uk that there is nothing to be ashamed of if this technique gets you going.

Syntribation can be a very relaxing way to masturbate (Picture: Getty Images)

She says: ‘It’s likely that many people try it [syntribation] some point, particularly during the early stages of sexual discovery.’

‘Many people experience their first orgasm when crossing their legs when young, particularly if they were trying to hold the need to pee when no toilets are around.

‘Others may have tried syntribation as a discreet way to explore masturbation when having to share a room.’

The 1976 Hite Report found that 3% of individuals masturbate through syntribation, but Ness believes it’s far more common.

Grinding and squeezing a pillow between the legs are also variations of this.

And, those that do practice this technique say it gives ‘amazing’ orgasms.

‘I syntribate by putting a blanket between my legs and laying on my side,’ wrote one poster. ‘After penetration or other stuff, my partner lays on his side and we intertwine legs so his lower thigh is pressed between my legs.

‘He holds me, talks to me and kisses me while I hold him and grind on his thigh until I cum. I love it!.’

Practicing syntribation

As mentioned syntribation is the hands-free method of squeezing your thighs together, allowing the pressure of the two legs squashing together to give you an orgasm.

‘This can be done lying down, either on your back or side, explains Ness. ‘Some people report being able to perform it whilst standing or sitting.

‘Some vary the pressure by crossing their legs together which can add more stimulation to the vulva and clitoris,’ she adds.

Ness says that what is great about this method of masturbation is its discreet. ‘It’s hands free and doesn’t require much movement,’ she tells Metro.

The hands-free nature of this masturbation technique means it’s also great for those who experience mobility issues, or who may have arthritis in their hands and wrists.

Ness says: ‘People with pelvic floor issues may find it easier to orgasm in syntribation as it can activate the pelvic floor differently to other masturbation positions, allowing for extra blood flow to the area.’

To enhance it, Ness suggests wearable sex toys like we-vibe, or grindable sex toys that can be placed against the vulva and be squeezed towards the clitoris during.

‘Activating the pelvic floor during syntribation may intensify the sensations felt during masturbation too,’ she adds.

If you’re practicing mutual masturbation with your partner, syntribation is a great method to try (Picture: Getty Images)

The benefits of syntribation

‘Some people find syntribation can be more relaxing than other forms of
masturbation,’ Ness says.

‘The method can stimulate both the external and internal parts of the clitoris through applying pressure of the thighs together.

‘With the thighs rubbing together it can also stimulate nerves that are in the legs which are also linked to the genitals, adding more erotic awareness and making it easier to stimulate the clitoris to orgasm.’

If you’re practicing mutual masturbation and your partner wants to get involved, then it’s also a great method to allow your other half to explore your other erogenous zones as you squeeze your thighs.

Erogenous zones you may not know of include the bellybutton, your neck, lower back, ears, hands and fingertips.

Your scalp can also be classed as an erogenous zone, as well as behind the knees, ankles, armpits and the inner wrist.

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