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Cameron accuses Clare of having sex with her ex before their wedding


MAFS couple Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer screenshot
Clare Kerr faces off with Cameron Frazer at the reunion. Pic credit: Lifetime

The gloves are officially off between Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer and the exes will have quite the faceoff at the Season 17 reunion.

A sneak peek of the reunion shows Cameron dropping a bombshell about Clare–accusing her of having sex with her ex-boyfriend before she married him.

Cameron insinuated Clare’s ex was the reason she wasn’t interested in him, claiming she was still in love with her ex.

This is not the first shocker Cameron has dropped in the past few weeks.

He also revealed that Emily had cheated on her husband Brennan Shoykhet during an appearance on the MAFS Afterparty.

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Cameron has also thrown lots of shade at Clare and he’s not done yet.

Much more will be revealed about their short-lived marriage and all the secrets kept off-camera when the two-part reunion plays out.

Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr had a heated faceoff at the MAFS reunion

In Part 1 of the MAFS reunion, tensions were at an all-time high.

The Denver cast returned to revisit the most shocking moments from their season and reveal why their relationships have become so contentious.

Speaking of contentious, that’s the only way to describe Clare and Cameron’s relationship as the exes had a tense faceoff in front of their castmates.

“This is my first experience with being gaslit,” said Cameron in the clip before dropping another bombshell, “Clare shared that she was in love with her boyfriend.”

A shocked Clare covered her face with her hands, but Cameron wasn’t done yet.

“You were f**king someone else,” he added.

In another teaser, Cameron continued the conversation adding, “Right before our wedding you had sex with him!”

Clare accuses Cameron of lying and Emily storms off the reunion stage

The entire room gasped in shock at Cameron’s revelation, and Clare was brought to tears.

“Go ahead continue to lie,” she retorted.

In one scene host, Kevin Frazier asked Clare, “Do you feel like you’re being manipulated right now?”

“Always!” responded Clare.

Meanwhile, Becca Haley and Austin Reed were also in the hot seat.

“There’s two sides to every story…I wanted marriage, I wanted a wife,” claimed Austin in the clip.

However, the real drama was between Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet as they discussed their tumultuous marriage.

“You told me that If I left you, you would make my life a living hell!” said Brennan.

While in the hot seat, Emily exclaimed, “I’m not dealing with this s**t,” as she walked off the reunion stage.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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