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‘It’s kind of like another day at the office’


Emma Roberts on American Horror Story.
Emma Roberts is opening up about kissing Kim Kardashian. Pic credit: FX

With American Horror Story on an extended hiatus, the FX hit teased a kiss between Emma Roberts and co-star Kim Kardashian to promote the series’ big comeback.

Now that the first episode has aired, Roberts is speaking out about it.

Roberts appeared on The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, on Wednesday night and wasted no time telling the host about the big scene.

Throughout the American Horror Story: Delicate, Kardashian’s Siobhan has seemingly posed a significant threat to Roberts’ Anna.

Despite being Anna’s publicist, Siobhan has been shown to have ulterior motives, and the footage for the second part of the season teased as much.

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While the kiss got plenty of people talking, Roberts said it wasn’t as “intense” to film as it looked.

Emma Roberts reveals it was like a regular work day for her

“You know, we do it, you forget about it, and seeing it, it looked so intense,” the Scream Queens alum declared.

“But meanwhile, we were laughing, because we kissed and they said ‘Cut’ and Kim looked at me and started laughing and I was like, ‘What?’ and I just had her [lip] gloss all over my face,” she added.

“And so we had to do major cleanup in between every take.”

Ultimately, Roberts believes it was like “just another day at the office.”

Roberts shared that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum’s “perfect, glossed lips” meant the lip gloss went “everywhere.”

Kardashian’s casting on the show last year led to plenty of skeptics because this was her most serious acting role to date.

Kim Kardashian has been silencing critics with her American Horror Story debut

For the most part, she’s shut down the naysayers, showcasing her fine acting skills.

Her character is quick-witted and will stop at nothing to get Anna to where she wants her to be: An A-list actor with a child on the way.

There’s no telling where the rest of the season will go. It’s been a departure from the 11 seasons that came before it in that it’s based on a novel.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped the pacing issues that have plagued the show for years, but it has been very different.

As for Kardashian, her success on American Horror Story helped land her the lead role in a new Hulu legal drama from Ryan Murphy.

As for Roberts, she’s an American Horror Story mainstay, having appeared in countless seasons, in addition to working with Murphy on FOX’s canceled-too-soon Scream Queens.

American Horror Story: Delicate airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX. Episodes are made available the next day on Hulu.

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