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Fmr. Spksmn.: Israeli Regime ‘the Loser In Action’


“The Israeli regime has lost its mental-psychological balance,” said Hamidrezaa Asefi in an interview with ISNA, referring to Israel’s Monday raid on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

“The situation is tougher than ever for this regime,” he added.

He noted the Tel Aviv regime is facing a crisis both at home and abroad.

The former spokesman underlined the necessity of responding to the crimes committed by the regime while cautioning against hasty action.

“Giving a firm response does not necessarily mean giving an impulsive response and failing to give it careful consideration,” he explained.

“The response to be given should be well-thought-out,” he said.

The ex-spokesperson made the comments following an Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in the Syrian capital, Damascus, which killed several top Iranian military commanders.

Tehran has roundly condemned the attack, vowing a firm response.
Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khemeni has said that Iran will make the Tel Aviv regime regret its attack.

The deadly strike has drawn international condemnation, namely from the United Nations.

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