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Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 9 Review: Somos Uno


Is that really the last we’ve seen of Gloria Perez?

With Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 9‘s open-ending, there’s always the chance that she’ll pop back up again sometime down the road, and if she does, it’s hard to know what to think about her and Torres’ future together.

After all, could she really be free of everything, or would she take over for her husband instead?

She mentioned that she was sticking around Chicago, and she’s a character who moved in silence and did her fair share of shady things, so I put nothing past the woman.

But almost jeopardized Dante Torres‘ career and life during this installment, and he was too stupid for her to realize how he nearly lost it all.

We spent the entire hour hearing about how Torres and Gloria were one and the same, two sides of the same coin and had this deep connection.

And it’s something that nobody else could understand but them. Goodness knows I haven’t been able to make sense of it, which has made Torres’ questionable behavior so unbelievably offputting this entire time.

Tell me that it’s not what I think it is. Tell me that I’m wrong. Dante, Dante, this is a situation where you have to talk. You can talk to me or talk to IAD, but you have to talk.


It made no sense that he kept risking his job, career, and the case by continuing his relationship with Gloria.

Nothing good could come from it, but it was as if they were addicted to each other and couldn’t stop.

It’s not unlike how things were back when Jay embarked on an ill-advisable relationship with Camila.

When they rehash storylines like this, you wonder why the men of Intelligence can’t keep it in their pants enough not to jeopardize a huge case.

It’s almost comical that Torres inadvertently followed in the footsteps of his original mentor, Halstead.

But his moment of coming to Jesus came from Kim Burgess, which was an interesting surprise.

With Kevin Atwater M.I.A. during this installment, we had Kim playing the Big Sister role with the reality check regarding Dante.

And she wasn’t laying off him regarding his actions with Gloria and how it could jeopardize their whole case.

Dante: I get her. She gets me. We grew up the same. She knows me. I know it’s wrong.
Kim: You are putting her in danger. You’re putting yourself in danger, this case, our whole team.
Dante: I understand.
Kim: It’s gotta stop.
Dante: yeah.
Kim: Dante, it stops.

She was also reasonably concerned about Torres’ well-being, as nothing good can come from sleeping with a cartel wife.

Kim’s frustration was palpable, but she did what we tend to expect from Intelligence members and kept what she found out to herself, only insisting that Dante squash things with Gloria.

She didn’t want to see him lose his career over something stupid.

But before he could so much as agree to end things, he got sucked into more of Gloria’s stuff.

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It wasn’t surprising that she had some connection to that rip. It doesn’t matter what she says; it is suspicious that she was in contact with the guys who beat up Torres and took the drugs.

We’ve seen time and again how Gloria plots and does some shady things off the books, and she’s also not above skimming off the top and endangering others in the process.

In many ways, Gloria insisted on being her own hero, and she didn’t want to have to rely on Torres or anyone else to get from beneath her abusive husband.

He insisted that she trusted him and was having difficulty doing that. He suggested that they run away together or that she’d keep skimming more money to find her way out.

And then it became a total shitshow.

From the moment they officially pulled Torres into the fold, it was apparent that it was some setup.

It’s like they were testing the waters with him and expecting him to be dirty the whole way through. Maybe Rafael was also picking up on what was happening with Gloria and Torres.

If Kim could piece things together, they weren’t nearly as discreet as they should’ve been.

Gloria: So this is what you do to get free? You have your girls run for their lives?
Dante: No. I wish we could keep doing this.

But essentially, Torres had to pay for Gloria’s actions. It was frustrating.

Rafael’s sadistic maneuver of making her burn Torres until he confessed to something he didn’t even do was too much to bear.

And now he’ll be permanently scarred from that incident. But at least he’ll have something to remember her by, right?

The season has been heavy on the torch and sadism, and I’m seriously wondering if the writers are doing okay. Who hurt you all?

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The team, including Trudy, who was finally getting some well-deserved screentime and put to use, were spinning their wheels trying to get to Torres in time.

Meanwhile, all hell was breaking loose at that club.

He managed to take out the cousin and was on the cups of taking down Rafael.

I’m not certain if they had enough evidence on the man to warrant the charges that would be lobbed against him.

Gloria: Don’t let them get into your head.
Dante: Who?
Gloria: The police. Whoever you told about us, they’re not going to believe it’s real. But this was real, right?

But we’ll never have to know since Gloria killed her husband.

The second he told her to stay still, it was obvious that she would make her big move once and for all “to be free.”

She wanted to kill Rafael before he killed her since she was aware that she was on borrowed time, especially with him showing interest in someone else.

There, we ended up with yet another coverup.

Coverups have become staples to the series and a rite of passage for the Intelligence Unit.

Are you even a member if you haven’t engaged in some form of coverup? I think not.

It’s disturbing and doesn’t sit well that Torres went ahead and covered things up for Gloria as best as he could.

But how would he have even got away with it? It was obvious that Rafel got shot while he was restrained, so it’s not like it was self-defense or anything.

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Kim noticed right off the gate what must’ve happened, but she didn’t say anything.

As a Dante fan, I will say it’s a bit disheartening that he fell victim to the same patterns as other characters.

It would’ve been nice if we didn’t have him covering up a crime scene. It’s not something to be taken lightly, yet that’s what the hour essentially did.

Then, we ended with a weird exchange between Torres and Gloria. She wanted to remind him not to be a full cop and seemed insistent on stoking his other instincts.

And she admitted she wasn’t leaving the city and that what they had was real, even if the others didn’t understand it.

The way she spoke so ill of Kim indirectly was offputting as well.

It was frustrating to realize that Dante had sat there and told this woman his whole life story during their pillow talk.

It’s nice that Torres felt like he found a “person,” but it’s unfortunate that it was in this way.

After such a long break, this concludes the case they introduced during Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 4.

It’s an underwhelming conclusion to the case.

Over to you, Chicago PD Fanatics.

Did you like how they wrapped up the cartel case? Do you trust Gloria or think she’ll return? Hit the comments below! 

Chicago PD returns April 23 with an all-new episode. You can stream it on Peacock!

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