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Will Sheriff Country Spread the Fire Country Franchise Too Thin?


It’s not uncommon to see a successful TV show start talking about spinoffs. We have seen it done on several franchises, from FBI to NCIS to the One Chicago universe.

With the difficulty of getting high rankings and extra seasons, it makes sense (sort of) for TV execs to expand a storyline with new characters to turn into spinoffs. Why take the chance on a new series when you know you’ve got a current hit?

However, these moves also risk overexposure for the characters we love. I love a good crossover as much as the next person. But sometimes they be doing too much.

Called to Investigate - Fire Country

Is that the future for the already flailing ongoing series Fire Country and its new potential upcoming spinoff Sheriff Country? Let’s discuss!

What is Fire Country?

Clay in Trouble - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13

Many primetime TV viewers fell in love with Max Thieriot in his supporting role as Clay Spencer on SEAL Team.

Most of us felt the grief of his heroic yet senseless death on “Aces and Eights” SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 8.

But we knew it was for the best reason.

Thieriot went from a problematic yet strong sidekick to lead actor David Boreanaz (formerly Agent Booth from Bones) to a lead role as a kickass bad-boy prisoner seeking redemption.

Clay in the Cbain - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 6

With the wide variety of emergency response series flooding networks, bringing out a new series revolving around firefighters was risky.

However, Fire Country cornered the niche in the market by combining viewers’ love for firefighting with our obsession with prison shows.

Most of us remember the success of the multi-season Prison Break.

Fire Country centers around the lead character, Bode Leone, who tries to find redemption with his family after being sentenced to prison as a young man.

Bode Does Some Coloring - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 4

There’s a lot of tension, family history, making rights from wrongs, and a ton of action.

Bode got a lucky break in prison, leaving his jail cell to work as an inmate firefighter at Camp Three Rock.

During his sessions as a prison firefighter, he works alongside his firefighter family and former best friends.

Season 1 wowed viewers with its unique concept, sexy firefighters — convict and non — and the pace of the storyline.

That left us pumped when we found out there would be a Season 2. And now a Season 3.

Diane and Manny - Tall - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 2

But if you’ve read any of the Fire Country reviews or roundtable discussions here on TV Fanatic, you’re aware that we superfans aren’t super pleased this season.

Unfortunately, what started as a major hit quickly ran out of fuel for the fire in Season 2. Between a struggling plot line, choppy dialogue, diluted action scenes, and a rushed timeline, the amazingness might have been a one-time thing.

So, if there’s already trouble in paradise, is now really the time to create a new series spinoff?

What is the Fire Country Spinoff Sheriff Country?

Mickey Makes a Stand - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6

Given that Fire Country revolves around firefighters and high-stakes situations, it’s not surprising that the spinoff will focus on the other half of emergency services — the police.

Much like Law & Order covers both sides of the criminal justice process — Law being the police procedural side and Order being the legal proceedings in court.

In the “Country” universe, there are talks that Fire Country Season 2 will bring in a new character, seasoned Edgewater Sheriff Mickey Fox.

When asked about the backdoor introduction of Sheriff Mickey, co-founder Tony Phelan said,

“Our intention was always to show more of Edgewater, more of this town and more of the people in this town and how they relate to our characters. It feels like we really are expanding our scope a little bit. Because people respond to this small town and the people who are there, there are more stories to tell.”

Deputy Sheriff Mickey - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6

There’s little to know about how the series will unfold. We don’t know if it will integrate Fire Country into its episodes or be a stand-alone with occasional cross-overs or referencings.

As a devoted Fire Country fanatic, I have split reservations about this new spinoff. First, I’ve grown a bit weary of shows that are trying to create their own universe and end up with several shows under the umbrella.

Now don’t hate me for it, because I’m not knocking what’s already been done — very successfully, I might add, if NCIS is proof.

But I really miss the opportunity to enjoy a show without worrying about a cross-over event that might leave me in the dark.

A Fire on Fire Fire Country

As an example, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy a few years ago when I ran out of things to binge-watch. Yeah, I was late to the party. But better late than never!

Then came the devastation of my favorite character, Ben Warner, leaving Grey’s to join Station 19 as a firefighter. My OCD doesn’t let me drop a character from my life like that! I’m invested.

So I ended up having to stop Grey’s in the middle of watching all (17 at the time) seasons to catch up with Station 19.

I hated trying to keep up with the timelines when they overarch. But I can’t just watch one episode of a show. I have to start from the beginning. Yeah, my brain sucks.

Diane and Manny - Tall - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 2

So, now I find myself in the same predicament as the Shondaland situation (Shonda Rhimes is the mind behind Grey’s/19.)

While I originally enjoyed both shows, I’m a bit burnt out on Station 19 — and I don’t seem to be the only one since they just announced this will be 19’s last season.

If there’s so much upheaval and dissatisfaction on Season 2 of Fire Country, what’s going to happen to my mental health when Sheriff Country comes out?

I’ll be good if the show can capture the magic of Fire Country Season 1. But if it moves with the same spontaneous clutter and sloppy character development of Fire Country Season 2, I might run into issues.

Bode In Prison - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 1

What’s a girl to do if the show sucks but her mental state won’t let her abandon a character, despite their psychological torture?

Please TV Gods, let the new sheriff be great and the spinoff be another show I can add to my, “Yes, it comes on tonight!” Amen.

What Would the Fire Country Spinoff Sheriff County Be About?

If the title doesn’t clue you in, the series will revolve around the activities of the California Sheriff’s Department, Edgewater Division.

It will likely revolve around shared cases with Cal Fire, at least in the beginning.

Talking it Out - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6

We’ll get introduced to the new Sheriff on Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6, “Alert the Sheriff,” airing Friday, April 12 at 9/8c.

Our first meeting with Sheriff Mickey Fox will be when she shows up to help Three Rock prison camp with the situation of a missing inmate.

There was a lot of tension between current Captain Eve and Bode’s new sidekick inmate partner, Cole, on Fire Country Season 2 Episode 4.

We have to wonder if he’ll be the inmate that disappears.

Vince Leone Image - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3

It’s unclear how the new Sheriff will react to the Three Rock prisoner firefighters — especially our leading man, Bode.

There might be a glimmer of hope for some friendliness. Or major animosity.

It’s been hinted that Edgewater’s Deputy Sheriff has a surprising connection to the Leone family.

That small secret doesn’t do much for this anxious uber fan except make my conspiracy theory mind run wild.

Watching it Burn - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6

Does the arrival of the sheriff hint at a new love interest for Eve, whose current role is more career-focused?

Fans are thirsty for a more personal connection.

Since she has a connection with the Leones, you have to wonder if she’s a past flame of Vince’s.

Or even more intriguing, Sharon’s.

Mickey on the Chase - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6

Will her arrival throw another match on the fire of a marriage we’ve dreadfully witnessed over the second season?

Chief Vince Leone (Billy Burke) and former Chief Sharon Leone (Diane Farr) had a strong marriage during Fire Country Season 1.

But we’ve already seen trouble in paradise and the couple’s struggles to repair the strain in their relationship on Fire Country Season 2 Episode 2.

When Sharon returns from her hiatus after losing her Chief role, we’re surprised to see a tag-along — Liam (played by Jason O’Mara).

Liam In the Woods - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3

Will the new man in Sharon’s life continue to cause strife?

It could lead to a potential storyline for the new Sheriff as she must intervene between two alpha firefighters vying for Sharon’s affection.

Or could there be more infidelity history lying in the shadows, ready to spring up?

Maybe the Sheriff had a fling with Vince once, increasing the strain of this writer’s current favorite power couple.

Cheater, Cheater? - Tall - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 2

Be sure you’re watching Fire Country Season 2 and following TV Fanatic to find out!

And be sure to pitch in with your thoughts, theories, and hopes for Fire Country and its potential spinoff. I would love to know I’m not the only one going crazy with anticipation and concern.

Is There Enough Storyline to Support a Fire Country Spinoff?

So far, the Fire Country series has focused primarily on firefighting, both with the regular elite firefighters of Cal Fire and the inmate firefighters at Three Rock prison camp.

It also incorporates an inmate’s attempt to return to everyday life, including the issues that arise with relationships — personal and familial.

Bode Leone Photo - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 1

It’s drama through and through, with part action, part soap story, and part family friction. At first, it was the perfect blend for me. It had everything I needed to make me become invested in the storyline and the characters.

Two factors make the fire show stand out among the several fire emergency response series on the air.

One is that while other firefighting shows focus on structural fires, such as homes and buildings, Fire Country focuses on wildfires, a prevalent issue in California.

Another interesting point is that FC combines firefighting with law enforcement procedural shows but in a unique way.

Some firefighters are prison inmates serving the remainder of their sentence as firefighters who help Cal Fire. It would be interesting to see how this storyline plays into the spinoff and how it will set the tone for Sheriff’s Country.

Bode Does Some Coloring - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 4

Fire Country Season 1 had moderate success with viewers despite receiving less love from critics. Rotten Tomatoes only gave the series a 50% critic score and a 45% audience score.

But fans have been less excited about Season 2, from its wobbly character development to its rushed action scenes. That hasn’t stopped FC from ranking in the Top 6 on Paramount+. It was also a #4 drama for February.

I LOVED Season 1. Season 2, not so much. We’re not too far in so there’s still hope for redemption. But it’s going to take some serious effort on the part of the writers and producers.

My question is are they willing to put in the work? And will they have enough juice in the creative bank to support a fire show and a law enforcement series?

Running Crew - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22

Or will Fire Country and its potential spinoff face the same dejected fate as Dollar General stores in the South? Effort goes into getting one up and started. Then, the focus moves to the next one, with zero work done to keep the first one going.

As discussed by TV Fanatic writer Jasmine Blu, there is worry that the original success of Fire Country might not follow through into additional seasons.

It doesn’t seem like the CBS network has the same concerns.

They recently announced a renewal of Fire Country for Season 3, despite only halfway through the airing of Season 2. (That’s a popular move by Dollar General. Is it a sign?)

Bode Prepares - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3

Along with continuing the Fire Country series for another season, the network is considering two spinoffs. My head already hurts at the implications.

There are only so many scenarios that can be done. And most shows have already done the same thing or something similar. I’m already predicting some deja vu situations if they expand past fire and law enforcement. What’s next? Medical?

Sheriff Country will focus on the law enforcement niche.

But with all the current hit crossovers — 911, L&O, NCIS, One Chicago, Station 19 (on its final season after cancellation), FBI — I’m not sure there’s enough room for another shared universe.

It’s unclear how writers will introduce the Sheriff this late into the second season. Having her in the show from the beginning might have made better sense.

Morena Baccarin as Mickey - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6

All that has been said so far about bringing the character into the show is that she had no control over a prison camp being brought into her jurisdiction.

That alone sounds like she might not be happy with it at first.

It’ll be interesting to see if she changes her opinion over time once she works with the prisoners.

Maybe her arrival will bring out the protectiveness in Captain Eve Edwards. So far, she has lost her fan popularity since taking over at Three Rock.

Eve Fights Fire - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 4

It’s been mentioned before that we’re ready to see her character develop more fully, both with her personal life and her past. It’s time to see her bond with her squad and respect their attempts at redemption.

Who is in the Cast of Sheriff Country?

CBS has not yet confirmed the production of Sheriff Country as a spinoff.

So far, we know they’ll introduce the Sheriff in Fire Country in the middle of Season 2.

The plan is to see what reception fans will give Sheriff Fox. She may become a series regular. Or if things go well, she could get her own spinoff.

Vince Leone Communicates - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3

To encourage fan interest, producers chose Morena Baccarin as their leading Sheriff. It’s going to take some serious chemistry with anyone they cast for me to like them enough for a second show. Especially if they come after the Three Rock crew.

Baccarin is most known for playing diverse characters across film and television formats. Yeah, girl crush here.

You may know her from Gotham, Deadpool 2, Firefly, and Homeland.

She played Dr. Lee Thompkins on the Gotham series, the voice of Gideon from the Flash series, Jessica Brody on Homeland, and Inara Serra on Firefly.

Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra) - Firefly

Because Sheriff Country is still in the planning phase, there have not been any other characters cast for the series.

They’ll need a sexy male counterpart in the department to sustain their eye candy hotness level from Fire Country.

Be sure you’re following TV Fanatic, and we’ll update this page with relevant news as it happens.

Where Will Sheriff Country Air?

The flagship show, Fire Country, airs on the CBS network and is available for streaming on Paramount+.

Bode Grabs an Ax - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 3

It’s expected that the sheriff-centric spinoff will also land on CBS.

However, as the president and CEO of CBS, George Cheeks, said in June about potential spinoffs, it’s possible to go straight to streaming on Paramount+ instead.

When Will The Fire Country Spinoff Air?

As previously stated, the idea for the spinoff Sheriff Country is not yet a reality. The CBS network has already chosen the person they want to cast as the lead female sheriff character.

Deputy Sheriff Mickey - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6

But, they have not confirmed when — or if — they will transition from the character’s appearances on Fire Country to her own show.

George Cheeks, CBS Chief, said this about the timeline for Sheriff Country — and the potential third series spinoff,

“We are focused on mass-appeal franchises. … We’re not necessarily looking at next year. We’re looking when they’re ready. That’s the beauty of the gestation process,” he added.

He continued, “We know that we’re doubling down on this one, so let’s get it right. And whether that means three years down the road or whether that means a Paramount Plus original or a CBS original, we’ll see where it lands.”

An Explosion on Fire Country Season 2 Episode 1

What do you think of a potential Fire Country spinoff?

Would it be interesting to see things from a Sheriff’s perspective? Share your thoughts in the comments.

And don’t forget, sharing is caring! Tell a friend, an enemy, your neighbor. We love everyone.

Sara Trimble is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. You can follow her on X.

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