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The View fans question why Sunny Hostin wore pajamas on live TV


Sunny Hostin on The View
Fans are convinced that Sunny Hostin wore pajamas on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Sunny Hostin has always been concerned about her appearance on The View.

She is delighted that it stuns people when she reveals she is 55 because she looks much younger.

Sunny has even admitted to using the weight loss drug Mounjaro to lose weight after an astonishing 40-pound weight gain during the coronavirus pandemic.

The popular talk show host always takes excellent care with her clothing and hair, so fans do not often question one of her decisions.

During a recent segment about dating and why Gen Z generation prefers digital first dates, Sunny’s outfit seemed more appropriate for bedtime than a live television show.

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Fans started questioning what she was wearing, asking if they were pajamas.

Is Sunny wearing ‘ugly pajamas’ on The View?

Sharp-eyed fans on X (formerly Twitter) questioned Sunny’s outfit. One fan shared, “#TheView Sunny is wearing a pajama top today.”

Another on X replied, “Same thoughts…like why is Sunny freakin wearing ugly pajamas on live?”

Fans question what Sunny Hostin was wearing on The View
Fans are sure that Sunny Hostin is wearing pajamas on The View. Pic credit: @tearose19037/@LibraAbsolut/X

Then, the questions crossed over to Reddit. A fan asked, “Is Sunny wearing pajamas today?”

A fan asked what Sunny Hostin was wearing.
Pic credit: u/Glittering_Ebb9748/Reddit

Several fans responded that they agreed, “looked like pj’s to me, lol.” Another thought was that they were probably comfortable “designer pjs.”

One fan mentioned that the ladies love outfits resembling pajamas, reminding folks, “Jim Gaffigan clowned Alyssa once for wearing pjs, and it was 90 degrees out.”

Yet another fan agreed with the pajamas’ look, confirming that many feel the outfit looks like sleepwear.

Then one fan brought up the fan hated View Your Deal segments, saying, “They were probably PJs from a View Your Deal that none of us could afford.”

Fans are sure that Sunny Hostin is wearing pajamas
Pic credit: u/Glittering_Ebb9748/Reddit

Sunny’s outfit was a designer piece worth more than many earn in a week

Sunny did not wear pajamas to the set, although the outfit sure looked like loungewear.

WornonTV.net identified the outfit as a “Doralas Abstract-Print Long-Sleeve Belted Shirtdress by Dries Van Noten.”

Dries Van Noten, also a Baron, has a luxury fashion line that Sunny loves.

This red and blue shirtdress can be purchased at Neiman Marcus for $1140, which does seem more expensive than many can afford.

With the recent unrest over the expensive View Your Deal segments, maybe the cost of the ladies’ outfits is another signal that The View is becoming elitist and could lose its fanbase.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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