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The biggest mistake you’re making on your all inclusive holiday


Get the most for your money (Picture: Getty Images)

When you’re on an all inclusive holiday, of course you want to get what you paid for.

But according to travel writer Kelly Magyarics, who’s been on a total of 35 of the package breaks, most first-timers don’t know how to make the most of their stay.

One of the most common mistakes is getting your all inclusive drinks at your hotel’s main or pool bar, as top-shelf alcohol is normally served elsewhere.

In an article for Business Insider, Kelly said: ‘Not all drinks at all inclusive resorts are created equally.’

Instead, she recommends heading to the lobby bar, where you’ll likely have a wider range of spirits to choose from, including branded options like Aperol and Campari for a spritz.

‘Upgrade your piña colada by requesting it with dark or aged rum instead of white, which gives it much more flavour,’ she added.

The lobby bar often has the best selection of drinks (Picture: Getty Images/Westend61)

When it comes to piña coladas, the travel writer also advises caution.

Although they’re her favourite holiday refresher, Kelly says it’s best to lay off blended frozen drinks – or at least to drink plenty of water in between.

‘If you keep hitting the swim-up bar to order blended concoctions, you’re going to end up drinking a zillion calories and probably getting a stomachache or killer hangover to boot,’ she says.

Another of Kelly’s top tips is to bring an insulated bottle or mug. Not only will it keep your drinks colder for longer (saving you trips to the bar) it’s also much better for the environment than single-use plastic cups.

British travellers keen to indulge on all inclusive holidays might want to avoid Arenal and Magaluf in Mallorca and the West End of Sant Antonio in Ibiza, though. Drinks in all inclusive hotel packages throughout these Balearic regions have been limited to three with lunch and three with dinner, in an effort to curb antisocial behaviour.

Nicky Kelvin, head of travel savings site The Points Guy UK, says you should also look out for guest status levels or ‘members-only’ pricing when booking your resort.

He previously told Metro.co.uk: ‘This suggests that while the hotel advertises as all-inclusive, you may be exempt from premium spirits and some dining options if you haven’t opted in to the highest hotel tier.’

Try not to focus too much on ‘beating the system’ though, as stuffing yourself with more food or drink than you really want defeats the purpose of an all inclusive getaway.

‘If you consider that the value of all-inclusive resorts are as much about convenience as quality when it comes to food, you may feel less urgent to get your “money’s worth” and enjoy the experience more,’ added Nicky.

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