Home News Sources: Iraq Revokes Passports Of Anti-Iranian Terrorists 

Sources: Iraq Revokes Passports Of Anti-Iranian Terrorists 


Tehran-based Tansim news agency reported on Monday that the terrorists were affiliated with the so-called the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

Mustafa Hijri is named as one of the terrorist group’s prominent heads whose citizenship passport has been taken back.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Interior Ministry has published a letter confirming the cancellation of the passports of some of the heads of terrorist and anti-Iranian groups.

After a series of extensive talks, Iran and Iraq signed a security agreement last year to monitor terrorist groups and anti-Iran hostile forces in the Kurdish-populated northern regions of Iraq and expel the leaders of the grouplets from those areas.

Besides the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, several other anti-Iran groups operate in northern Iraq, including the so-called Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK), the Komala Party, and the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK).

According to Tasnim, they claim to fight for Kurdish minority rights, but in fact they have been serving as a stepping stone for the Israeli spy agencies.

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