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Opening format revealed for teams and elimination voting


the challenge host tj lavin face shot from mtv season
The Challenge host TJ Lavin during an elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 40 features a stacked cast of competitors, which means viewers are going to see former finalists, champions, and favorites go early and often.

Spoilers continue to arrive online, including details about the 40-person cast, and elimination results for 12 competitors. However, the format for elimination voting was unknown.

In Season 39, competitors went through three phases: Control, Chaos, and Conquest. Each of these had different team, voting, and elimination formats.

It eventually led to the final, also featuring three similar phases, which Emanuel Neagu won.

Now, the early format for Season 40 has been revealed online, giving an idea of how the game will work, at first.

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This report contains spoilers from The Challenge Season 40 which is currently filming.

Spoilers for The Challenge Season 40 opening format

As previously revealed, The Challenge Season 40 cast is broken up into four different groups of 10 competitors. Each group represents a different era from The Challenge’s 40 seasons.

For example, Era 1 includes stars such as Chris “CT” Tamburello, Derrick Kosinski, Rachel Robinson, Mark Long, and Katie Cooley. Era 4 includes more recent stars like Kaycee Clark, Josh Martinez, Olivia Kaiser, Nurys Mateo, and Horacio Gutierrez.

Known spoiler account @GamerVev on Twitter also revealed team colors for each of the four Era groups.

screenshot of tweet from gamervev about team colors for the challenge 40
A tweet revealed spoilers for The Challenge Season 40 team colors. Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Season 40’s opening challenge featured each of the four eras groups competing individually, broken up into five pairs. The group’s pair who finished in last place for the challenge automatically went into elimination. The group’s pair who finished first in the challenge, voted in their elimination opponents.

Those who went into elimination chose from Kill Cards to determine which classic elimination they would have. These included Hall Brawl, Pole Wrestle, and Balls In.

Opening challenge winners, losers and eliminations

With the format explained, results arrived for which pairs won the opening challenge, who finished it in last, and how voting went.

For Era 1, Mark Long and Katie Cooley finished in last for the group. CT and Rachel finished in first and voted in Aneesa Ferreira and Derrick Kosinski as their opponents.

For Era 2, Ryan Kehoe and Kelly Anne Judd lost. Johnny Bananas and Laurel Stucky won, so they voted in Brandon Nelson and Cara Maria Sorbello.

For Era 3, Leroy Garrett and Nia Moore lost, while Cory Wharton and Tori Deal won. They voted in Amanda Garcia and Tony Raines.

screenshot shows the challenge season 40 remaining eras competitors
Screenshot reveals the remaining competitors in The Challenge Season 40. Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

In Era 4, Theo Campbell and Nurys Mateo finished in last place. Horacio Gutierrez and Michele Fitzgerald won, so they voted in Paulie Calafiore and Olivia. 

According to Vevmo forum’s spoilers thread, the Season 40 elimination matchups and results are intriguing. Olivia eliminated Nurys and Theo eliminated Paulie in a Hall Brawl. In two Balls In battles, Nia eliminated Amanda and Tony eliminated Leroy.

Derrick got another Pole Wrestle win, as he defeated Mark. Aneesa sent Katie home from that same elimination event. 

Lastly, Cara Maria defeated Kelly Anne in Knot So Fast, which is also what Ryan defeated Brandon in. Three of these four individuals are set to appear in Paramount+ spinoff The Challenge: All Stars 4, which arrives as Season 40 continues filming.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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