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IRGC Commander Killed In Israel Attack On Iran’s Consular Section In Damascus, Syria 


The Israeli regime has fired 6 missiles from the occupied Golan Heights at Iran’s Consulate General in Damascus, killing General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander of the axis of resistance in the region.

Reports say the missiles were launched by the Zionist regime’s warplanes.

The attack flattened the building of the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus.

A number of other people were killedd in the incident including Iranian nationals.

General Zahedi was a commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and the Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon from 2008 to 2016.

Hossein Akbari Iranian ambassador to Syria said 5 to 7 people were killed in the attacks on Tuesday afternoon.

He added 6 missiles were fired from the occupied Golan Heights in the attack.

Meanwhile the Syrian Defense Ministry issued a statement announcing the Zionist enemy waged the the strike at 17 pm local time, hitting Iran’s consulate.

The Zionist regime has launched large numbers of airstrikes and missile attacks in Syria and Lebanon since it waged war on Gaza on October 7 2023.

The Israeli attacks have killed a number of people including Iranian military advisors in Syria and some Hezbollah resistance movement fighters.

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