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Iran Calls For Intl. Probe Into “Israel’s Crimes” In Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital


More than 400 people including patients, war-displaced and healthcare staff were reportedly killed during Israel’s 13-day attack on and the siege of the Al-Shifa Hospital.

In a message posted on X, Kanaani said, “The released images of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza after a two-week blockade by the Zionist regime’s army, the remarks by the witnesses on the ground and the video footage and news reports released on the amount of destruction, torture, slaughter and the number of Palestinian detainees in the hospital are horrible and shocking.”

The spokesman added an international investigation into the crimes committed by the Israeli army “is immediately needed”, urging the international forums and institutions to fulfill their duties in this regard.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman went on to say. “Will the well-known claimants of human rights back an international probe into the dimensions of the blatant war crimes, or will the selective and biased behaviors towards human rights continue?!”

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the death toll from Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip has risen to 32,782 with 75,300 people being injured. Thousands of others remain unaccounted for.

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