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Couples who do this one thing are happier in their relationships — and they live longer too


The couple that boozes together… (Picture: Getty Images)

It turns out that there is one simple thing you can do with your partner to guarantee a long relationship – and a long life.

And, before your mind falls firmly into the gutter, it’s not what you think it is.

Scientists say that couples who regularly drink together tend to live longer than those where neither partner drinks, or only one does.

The study, by Professor Birditt at The University of Michigan, found that couples with the same, or similar, drinking behaviours survived longer than those who didn’t.

She also found that ‘light drinking predicted better survival rates among individuals and their partners, compared with abstaining and heavy drinking.’

So don’t use this as an excuse to start popping bottles every night of the week.

It’s possibly linked to enjoying leisure time together (Picture: Getty Images)

While the couples questioned didn’t give specifics on exactly how much they drink, those who had drunk alcohol in the last three months lived longer than those who did not.

Professor Birditt’s work built upon previous research, which showed that couples who had the same drinking habits tended to be happier.

For that 2016 research, Birditt and her colleagues analysed responses from 4,864 married participants, in 2,767 couples. In particular, women were more dissatisfied in their marriage over time when only they, and not their husband, drank.

6 things happy couples do

Kristina Virro, a psychotherapist and couple’s therapist from Ontario, shared on TikTok six things that truly happy couples do in their relationships:

  1. Micro moments of connection. ‘This could be giving each other a good morning kiss or giving each other a hug before the other person leaves for work,’ she said.
  2. Ask how their day has been. ‘It’s really easy to forget to check in on one another when you just get lost in the hustle and bustle of life.’
  3. Active listening. ‘This means giving your undivided attention, asking questions and putting away your phone – huge impact,’ Kristina said.
  4. Giving each other loving attention and physical attention outside of sex. According to Kristina this includes acts like, ‘hand holding, back scratches and playing with your partner’s hair’.’
  5. Show appreciation. ‘”Thank you for unloading the dishwasher today”, “thank you for picking our son up from school”,’ Kristina said. ‘It’s just about creating a loving, kind culture in your home.’
  6. Generosity. ‘Bring your partner a cup of coffee in the morning, leave them a little love note,’ Kristina added.

Scientists said they weren’t exactly sure why drinking together meant longer survival rates.

They did have more of an idea when it came to marriage satisfaction though: ‘it could be that couples that do more leisure time activities together have better marital quality,’ Birditt said.

So, next time you and your significant other share enjoy a glass of wine together, you can tell yourselves it’s good for you.

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