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Al Jazeera Slams Israel Decision To Close Network, Accuses Netanyahu Of “inflammatory Slanders”


The Qatar-based outlet accused Netanyahu of resorting to “inflammatory slanders” that jeopardized not only the reputation of Al Jazeera but also the safety and rights of its employees worldwide.

“Al Jazeera holds the Israeli Prime Minister responsible for the safety of its staff and Network premises around the world, following his incitement and this false accusation in a disgraceful manner,” Al Jazeera announced in a statement.

Israel’s parliament approved a law on Monday that would allow the government to temporarily shut down the Al Jazeera news network in Israel.

The law gives the prime minister and the communications minister the authority to order the closure of foreign networks operating temporarily in Israel that are deemed a threat to national security.

Netanyahu has said he intends “to act immediately in accordance with the new law to stop the channel’s activity”, according to a post on X.

Al-Jazeera said attacks against the network had been carried out in a “disgraceful manner”.

“Netanyahu could not find any justifications to offer the world for his ongoing attacks on Al-Jazeera and press freedom except to present new lies and inflammatory slanders against the network and the rights of its employees,” it added.

The network noted it holds Netanyahu “responsible for the safety of its staff”.

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